Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL) And Tea Partier Battle Over Defunding Obamacare

At a town hall meeting Wednesday evening sponsored by the Illinois chapter of Americans For Prosperity in Rochelle, Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger stated his negative opinion of the effort by House and Senate conservatives to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution.  Kinzinger is dead set against trying to defund Obamacare via the CR and is totally against the idea of a potential government shutdown over the issue.  During the meeting he made sure to point out that he has voted every time to repeal Obamacare but stressed his belief that defunding and a possible government shutdown are bad ideas.

Kinzinger would say that should any government shutdown occur Republicans will lose the majority in the House of Representatives making Nancy Pelosi Speaker once again and that Obamacare would still be around.

Dekalb County Tea Party member Ted McCarron implored congressman Kinzinger to change his stance and to join the fight to get Obamacare defunded and to challenge the narrative that it would be the GOP causing a government shutdown.

Kinzinger would have none of it and the two would battle back and forth over the issue.

A transcript of the exchange can be found at USofArn.com