Rep. Adam Kinzinger On Defunding Obamacare: "I Don't Believe We Should Shut Down The Government Over It"

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Rep. Adam Kinzinger

The effort to defund Obamacare is quickly becoming a great barometer of whether or not a Republican member of Congress is a spineless jelly-fish that will willfully and gleefully do the bidding of the party bosses and roll over and let President Obama and the Democrats have their way or is a fighter that will do anything and everything possible to save this country from the destructive policies of Utopian Statist.

It is very clear, not that there was any doubt, that my congressman, Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois’ 16th congressional district, has zero intention of fighting to get Obamacare defunded,

On Thursday Kinzinger had a town hall meeting in my hometown of Byron, Illinois and I asked him point-blank if he was going to join with Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, plus the roughly 100 Republicans in the House and vote to defund Obamacare.  He response was I’m not going to answer that.  Kinzinger said he wanted to keep all questions at this town hall focused on energy issues which isn’t what he had said 25 minutes earlier when he said he would take questions about energy or about what is going on in Washington.  Despite the fact that I twice tried to frame my question about defunding Obamacare around energy, he still wanted no part of it.

After the meeting had concluded a member of the audience asked congressman Kinzinger when he was going to get around to hold a meeting where he would answer the question about defunding Obamacare, he gave her no response as well.

So why no comment from the congressman? Maybe Kinzinger or someone on his staff noticed that just before the meeting started Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit had run my story about fellow Illinois congressman Aaron Schock talking about amnesty and illegal immigration.  Maybe he or his staff knew that I am a leader with the Rockford and Illinois Tea Party, which is important because we in the Tea Party movement don’t like, let alone get along with Kinzinger.  Maybe he knew that I am friends with Illinois Conservatives President Zach Oltmanns with whom he had a testy back and forth with during the 2012 primary.  Maybe Kinzinger was afraid of his answer being played on talk radio and ran in conservative news stories since mine was the only camera running(sadly my microphone didn’t cooperate). Or maybe Kinzinger had promised the Rockford Register Star’s Chuck Sweeny an exclusive because the next day after this town hall meeting Kinzinger talked to Chuck and the editorial board at the Register Star about Obamacare and the effort to defund it.

Here is what Kinzinger told the Register Star about defunding Obamacare:

I agree, we have to have an alternative ready to go. I think (Obama­Care) is going to fail anyway. But it’s the law of the land … We voted to repeal it a number of times, the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality, we had a presidential election over it and lost. I don’t believe we should shut down the government over it.”

There in lies the problem even if Obamacare fails or collapse on its own it is still going to be in effect and is going to bring down the US economy with it.  Already businesses, workers, and medical providers are suffering because of the law.  The work week is shrinking, doctors are leaving the profession, insurance cost are skyrocketing, and businesses are closing thanks to Obamacare.

No matter how many times Kinzinger and the House Republicans vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act so long as Harry Reid controls the Senate those repeal bills will never be given the time of day.  On the other hand House and Senate Republicans can and should vote to defund Obamacare to slow it down which is the only option they have available to them outside of letting Obamacare continue on its course.

As Kinzinger mentioned to the Register Star, he and the rest of the GOP’s moderate-liberal establishment fear the prospect of a government shutdown in this effort to defund Obamacare.  They fear that they will be blamed for any such shutdown, when in reality it would be President Obama and Senator majority leader Harry Reid that would be shutting down the government.  Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the rest are totally willing to fund every other part of the federal government, even the parts they and the Republican party don’t like, except for Obamacare.  Therefore any government shutdown would be the result of Obama and Reid wanting all of the federal government funded including Obamacare.

Its not like the government hasn’t been shutdown before.  It was practically reoccurring each year from 1976-1995.  But, the GOP has a bad taste in its mouth about that government shutdown in 1995 and a faulty memory about what happened afterwards.  The budget got balanced, welfare was reformed, and the GOP gained two Senate seats while maintaining control of the House.  Furthermore, the government shuts down each and every weekend and federal holiday.  So it wouldn’t necessarily be that big of a deal.

It should be noted that Obamacare is a law that has never been liked by the American people and it is down right despised by Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and the Tea Party.  Members of the GOP establishment, RINO’s, or as Mark Levin has started calling them French Republicans like Adam Kinzinger should be more concerned about what the voters in their districts will do to them should they vote to fund Obamacare then about any possible government shutdown.

If Adam Kinzinger goes ahead and votes to fund Obamacare then he should fully expect to face a strong primary challenge.  Months ago the Club for Growth announced Kinzinger was one of several House Republicans they would help to primary.  Kinzinger has never been supported by the Illinois Tea Party or by any of the Tea Party groups inside the 16th CD and they are chomping at the bit to back a challenger to him which is likely to be Rockford Tea Party coordinator David Hale who has been vocal in recent weeks about his intention to so.  Personally I have been lobbying a well known political figure here in Illinois to run against Kinzinger and if this person were to do so it would instantly become a race with national implications and a race Kinzinger would probably lose.  Regardless of whether my unnamed candidate or my friend David Hale(it should be noted one will not run if the other does) choose to primary Adam Kinzinger he is still going to have a lot to answer for should he follow through and vote to fund Obamacare.

We need fighters in Congress not spineless, wimpy, jellyfish like Adam Kinzinger

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