Interview With IL GOP US Senate Candidate William Lee

William "Bill" Lee
William “Bill” Lee

William “Bill” Lee is a newcomer to the Illinois political scene but that isn’t deterring him from seeking the Republican nomination to face off against Senator Dick Durbin.

I recently had the chance to interview Bill about his run and like I am doing with all potential challengers to Dubrin I asked him if he thought Durbin was beatable?

“Yes, he I believe so–if not, I would never considered running. However, we must come together behind one candidate to soak up as many votes as possible. Libertarian, Constitution Party, America’s Party, independents, R’s, Conservatives. I think if you go moderate, you lose more votes than you gain. Also,  there is the advantage of this being an off-year election. It is just a matter of getting enough money, and a solid conservative candidate.”

With the GOP field for US Senate being rather crowded I asked Bill what sets him apart from the others currently in the race?

“I’m a Republican, but not a Party guy–I support the people over the party. I actually conform to the Republican Party platform. I am not “moderate” and have nothing to apologize for. My political ideology is Libertarian-leaning Conservative.  Not only do I have a strong work ethic, but I am strong willed, and will do what is right and not cave to pressure. I trust in people more than government. As a veteran, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution; The difference between veterans and politicians, when we took the oath, we actually meant it. I am not a politician, but am Politically fearless.”

With an effort underway by House majority leader Eric Cantor(R-VA) and others to pass a version of the DREAM Act, which they are calling the Kids Act, I asked Bill what he thought about this effort to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants?

“The actions of House leadership via immigration “reform’ and the dream act is pathetic. They are running scared and not approaching this from a position of strength. You already heard that Boehner attacked Steve King for saying accurately that many of the “Dreamers” are drug smugglers and criminals. I’m not big on rewarding criminals, and I think it is unconscionable that we have legal immigrants terrorized here, and won’t protect them. Secure the damn border first, before we even talk about “reform”. If the Feds won’t enforce the laws now, what makes you think they will enforce the law afterwards? ”

With the city of Detroit filing for bankruptcy recently and the bleak fiscal situation facing the state of Illinois I asked Bill what he thought about “bailing out” Detroit and/or Illinois?

“There is no way Illinois taxpayers should bail out other municipalities for the decisions those entities freely made. It only rewards bad decisions and enables them to continue to waste money and reward favored supporters. No Way.”

With the nation having 7.6% unemployment and the state of Illinois having an unemployment rate over 9% I asked Bill about what he thinks should be done to grow the economy and create jobs?

“Congratulation, USA! We now have the highest corporate taxes in the World.  Corporate taxes should be eliminated or lowered as much as possible.  Profits from overseas should not be taxed, so they will come home to roost.  Repeal the drag and burden of ObamaCare. Flat income tax so that we can have equal protection under the law. Release our natural resources for harvesting; we could be the energy powerhouse, and soon China will owe us money for all the fossil fuels we would sell them. Eliminate renewable fuels mandates, which in some cases double energy costs. Limit unnecessary regulations; regulatory agencies have way too much power. Too much money is going to DC and used for central planning, which causes a misallocation of resources, not to mention MASSIVE waste. Why are residents surrounding Washington DC the most prosperous in the Nation?”

With the Environmental Protection Agency waging a “war on coal” forcing power plants and coal mines to close, which is directly impacting Illinois, I asked Bill what he would do to reign in the agency?

“Over the last decade the EPA has become obsessed with “global warming/climate change.” In fact, Obama in his Galesburg speech mentioned ” reducing dangerous carbon pollution”. We are not using coal because of a hoax and fear of plant food (carbon dioxide.)

Let me relate a story for you: (yes, I wrote this, and the Rock River Times printed it,)

Planned since 2003, a coal-fired Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) electrical generation plant was to be built in Mattoon, Illinois at a cost of $2.4 billion.  In August, however, the location of the proposed plant was moved to Meredosia in western Illinois, and the CO2 emissions were to be piped 175 miles back to Mattoon to be pumped into the ground. Even without this additional step, the CCS process requires at least 25 percent more energy than a conventional coal generator.  This means one-fourth more coal has to be mined, transported and burned to get the same output. Some environmental benefit. Dan Howells of Greenpeace calls CCS “nothing more than an industry pipe dream.” In Florida, by contrast, one coal plant uses a gasification process (IGCC) that burns 15% less fuel and is 10% more efficient.  Senator Durbin of Illinois, however, wants none of that. He says that “It really made no sense to build a power plant to prove what’s already being tested in three or four other commercial facilities.”  In other words, we don’t want to build something that already works. Always expect the government to spend more to get less–and send you the bill.

BTW, the entire Illinois delegation voted for this–I would not, as it does not reduce energy use, and will raise electricity costs. I would do everything I can to reign in the EPA to include reducing the budget to nearly nothing. The role of the Federal government is to “regulate Interstate Commerce.”. The EPA gets into all kinds of places it doesn’t belong. States can regulate industries to protect their people. Coal can transform this nation, with ultra-low energy costs, which Industries heavily rely on. It is the one Gigantic advantage the United States has, but is being squandered.”

You can learn more about Bill Lee by visiting his campaign website, here.

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