Interview With IL GOP US Senate Candidate Chad Koppie

Chad Koppie
Chad Koppie

Chad Koppie is no stranger to statewide races in Illinois having run for the US Senate or Governor on multiple occasions as a Republican, Independent, and as a part of the Constitution Party.  Currently Chad serves on the Kane Country regional school board and is seeking the GOP nomination for US Senate in 2014 to challenge Senator Dick Durbin.

Since Chad wants to take on Dick Durbin in the general election I asked him if he thought Durbin was beatable?

“Mr. Durbin is very vulnerable.  He doesn’t deserve another term.  The damage that he has done to the United States of America is immeasurable.  He’s been an Obama supporter big time and he actually helped Mr. Obama to the presidency.  There are a lot of people unhappy with the situation the Tea Party movement is out there and viable and well so he could very well be turned out of office.”

Senator Durbin is a champion of the DREAM Act which would grant illegal immigrant youths amnesty and currently House majority leader Eric Cantor(R-VA) and others are crafting a version of it.  I asked Chad what he thought of that effort?

“That’s not the way to go in other words this DREAM Act is not a wonderful thing especially once you start to dissect it and realize that all it is going to do is create a bloc of voters for the opposition.”

With the city of Detroit filling for bankruptcy last week, Illinois is major fiscal trouble and the federal government having $17 trillion in debt I asked Chad what he would do to fix these fiscal woes affecting the nation?

“Detroit and the United States we are virtually insolvent.  If it weren’t for the Federal Reserve creating money or at least computer entries there would be insolvency immediately. The US is paying its bills with bogus money, it is created out of thin air.  Certainly that can have no good end.  I’ve said for a long time that you cannot shock the system.  First you’ve got to take the money away from these taxers and spenders.  I am fully aware of the fact that if your were to cut enough money to balance the federal budget immediately, which is a very good idea, but it would shock the system so badly that there could be pandemonium.  I’ve been saying for years that best way to take the money away from these people is to do it gradually and aggressively.  Take 3% a year for at least ten years off of every federal expenditure from the entire federal budget.  The lowest guy who works for the federal government up to the President, every department should get a 3 percent cut each year up until the federal budget is balanced and then keep on cutting so that when a surplus started to occur  so that we could pay down the $17 trillion debt that we’ve got.  That would not shock the system, everybody would still get their check, everybody’s gotta have a check otherwise pandemonium would ensue   There is one thing that is for sure if the checks stop riots start and we don’t want that.  Anybody that is engaged with the federal government has got to be ready to take the 3% cut every year until the budget is balanced.  That would give everybody enough time to get organized and it would give time to the system to get organized it would also give private enterprise the incentive to get the system back into balance, balance the budget.  Deficit spending does not work.  What is happening is the states and the cities are going broke.  So the idea is to stop the spending.”

With Chad being one of three announced candidates in the race to face Durbin I asked him what sets him apart from the rest of the field?

“I’m totally independent.  I have been in the furnace of production.  I’ve been on the receiving end of all this crazy taxing and spending in many different endeavors.  Right now I am in agriculture.  There are to many rules and regulations it’s like Gulliver’s Travels.  There are too many regulations that ties us all up.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has been waging a “war on coal” forcing coal mines and coal-fired power plants to shut down, which has a big impact on Illinois, so I asked Chad what he would do to rein in the EPA?

“f you try to run the economy and take coal out of the equation what are we going to use for affordable energy?  What are we going to replace it with?  Let the end of the use of coal take its natural course.  We don’t need to have the EPA shutting down the coal industry because that is going to shock the system.  Right now we need coal, we are dependent on coal, the economy is dependent on coal.  Take coal away and we are right back to more unemployment, a shattered economy, and a depressionary situation.”

Chad wrapped up our interview by saying, “We are the leader, we are the shinning city on a hill.  If we lose the shinning city on a hill concept because of bad policy all around the entire republic is in danger of failing”

You can learn more about Chad Koppie at his campaign website, here.

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