West Point Grad Looks To Challenge Dick Durbin For US Senate

Doug Truax
Doug Truax

West Point graduate and Chicago business man Doug Truax today announced his intention to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Illinois and challenge incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin.

Truax released the following video introducing himself to the people of Illinois today.

Truax also issued the following press release:

Tired of watching U.S. Senator Dick Durbin preside over statewide and national decline, successful entrepreneur, business owner and West Point grad Doug Truax announced his candidacy Monday for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Truax is a 43-year-old political newcomer from suburban Downers Grove who believes Illinois needs a blast of new leadership. He points to Illinois’ continued slide among states in economic growth, employment, fiscal discipline and population. He says Dick Durbin has been an prominent leader during this decline.

“At West Point, one of the first things they taught us is that you change battlefield strategies if they continually fail,” he said. “Business owners and families also know this but amazingly, in Illinois and Washington, career politicians like Dick Durbin continue to make the same tax-and-spend policy decisions without regard to results.”

Currently, Truax is co-owner and managing partner of Oak Brook-based Veritas Risk Services, LLC, a strategic risk consulting firm the empowers employees in controlling their healthcare costs, benefits, retirement plants and business risk. Truax built the business from scratch in 2008, months before the brunt of the recession hit. It weathered the economic storm and has roughly $2 million in annual revenue and 10 employees.

He also is immediate past chairman of the board of Almost Home Kids, Naperville and Chicago, a community-based charity serving children who are medically fragile and their families.

Truax is a 1992 graduate of West Point, United State Military Academy. He served six years active duty as a U.S. Army Officer (Captain) and also is a graduate of U.S. Army Ranger School. He has been married 21 years with three children.

More information about Truax can be found at dougtruax.com. The campaign plans to reach out to a broad array of young people, Republicans, Independents and open-minded Democrats.

“I look forward to bringing a new energy and ultimately a new direction for the people of Illinois,” Truax said.

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