Liberals, GOP Establishment, and Conservatives Agree The World Is Going To Hell For Different Reasons

If you are a liberal then you think the world is going to hell.  If you are a part of the Republican party establishment you think the world is going to hell.  If you are a conservative or member of the Tea Party you too think the world is going to hell.  The thing is each of these groups has different reasons to reach the same conclusion.

Liberals believe the world is going to hell because Carbon Dioxide “pollution” is making the planet warmer and causing extreme weather events.  They also think the world is going to hell because the State of Texas is poised to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and Wisconsin just required women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound of their developing baby.  Liberals are also convinced the world is going to hell because Illinois became the final state to enact concealed carry legislation and federal lawmakers couldn’t ram through assault weapon bans and universal background checks(among other gun control measures) earlier this year.  To a liberal the world is going to hell because there are still corporations, fossil fuels, banks, bankers, and wall street.  It is a cold cruel world for liberals and it is mad even worse because the US hasn’t embraced socialized medicine and Republicans have taken Food Stamps out of the Farm Bill.

The GOP establishment is also convinced the world is going to hell mainly around one issue, immigration reform.  To the establishment not enacting amnesty, not giving millions of illegals a pathway to citizenship or at least legal status, is going to result in the death of the GOP and thus the end of their ability to have power and control in Washington.  The GOP establishment is also of the mindset that the world is going to hell because despite their best effort, going back to Barry Goldwater, to rid the Republican party of conservatives hasn’t worked.  The establishment also isn’t that happy with the fact that the Tea Party movement is still around causing them grief and holding their feet to the fire.  Yes the world is going to hell for the GOP establishment.

Now as far as conservatives and the Tea Party is concerned our world is going to hell because of the actions and policies of the other two groups.  To us the world is going to hell as the IRS harasses and abuses the American people, the EPA tries to kill off the industrial revolution, the welfare system bankrupts this nation, and our enemies abroad view us(Obama and the Dems) as weak when it comes to national security(see Benghazi, Syrian rebels, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Boston marathon bombing, Ft. Hood and more).  We conservatives and members of the Tea Party are concerned over the implications of Fast and Furious, the race baiting over George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, the lack of job creation under President Obama(54 months of unemployment over 7.5%), and the increases in prices for nearly every good and service in this nation over the last several years.  We are also concerned that Obamacare will be the death knell of this great country.  And we are worried sick about the future our children and grand children will have should our nearly $17 trillion national debt and $100 trillion unfunded entitlement liability not be corrected.  We see the worlds going to hell and it coincides with the trampling of the Constitution and the massive increase in the size and scope of the federal government and the attempts to take away what rights we have left isn’t helping(gun control, NSA spying).

Now there is one group of people out there who think everything is just peachy and the world is great.  They are the welfare recipients getting their unemployment checks, food stamps, and Obamapnones(so they can turn around and sell the phones for drugs).  Life is indeed great for them, but only for them, for everyone else in some way, shape, manner, or form the world is falling apart all around us.

The question is will anyone doing anything to stop this slide into hell?

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