Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill Trojan Horse For Dick Durbin's DREAM Act

Sen. Dick Durbin
Sen. Dick Durbin

The Gang of 8’s amnesty bill and that whole Corker-Hoeven amendment debacle from last Friday into Monday night are the exact reasons why I support amending the US Constitution so that any bill has to be engrossed for a minimum of 90 days before it can be voted on(more on that here).

Just like with Obamacare we have been forced into passing a bad piece of legislation in order to read it and find out all the particulars about the Gang of 8’s plans.

While these last several weeks has been focused on the border security and interior enforcement provisions of the Gang of 8’s bill(or the lack thereof) plus the general fact that at least some 11 million illegal immigrants would get amnesty the public debate never had the chance to get around to what was the real driving force behind the Gang of 8; the fact that this amnesty bill is nothing more than a vehicle to ram-rod through Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s DREAM Act.

Now that Republican Senators John McCain(AZ), Jeff Flake(AZ), Lindsey Graham(SC), Marco Rubio(FL), Lamar Alexander(TN), Bob Corker(TN), Kelly Ayotte(NH), Hoeven(ND), Chisea(NJ)*way to go Chris Christie, Susan Collins(ME), Orrin Hatch(UT), Heller(NV), Mark Kirk(IL), and Lisa Murkowski(AK) have joined with Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats in passing the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill which it turns out was nothing more than a Trojan horse to pass Durbin’s DREAM Act, Durbin is gloating.

This is part of a celebratory email Durbin sent out to his supporters this morning:

my colleagues knew from the start that there was one issue more important to me than any other. It was twelve years ago when I first introduced the DREAM Act to find justice for a teenage girl in Chicago who faced deportation to Korea.

Over the years, her plight, and my bill, grew into a national campaign. In the beginning, teenagers in Chicago, afraid of deportation and filled with emotion, waited by my car in the dark to tell me they were Dreamers and beg for my help. Over time, as their numbers grew, so did their courage. They stood up and declared their love for this country and their determination to stay.

Time and again, we called the DREAM Act for a vote in the Senate but we could not break the filibuster.

Two and half years ago, the last time the DREAM Act was called, the gallery was packed with Dreamers. They sat in their caps and gowns and waited for the announcement of the vote that would decide their lives.

But with 55 votes, we fell short of breaking the filibuster once again.

I met with them after the vote. With tears flowing and heads down, they asked me: “what can we do?”

I said to them: “I am never giving up on you. Don’t give up on me.”

Today I have a message for Gaby, Tolu, and all the Dreamers who were in the gallery and around the country: your courage inspired us; your determination kept us together; and your faith in the only country you have ever called home has been rewarded. This bill we passed yesterday has the strongest DREAM Act ever written.

Congratulations you 14 Republican Senator turncoats you just helped Durbin pass his DREAM Act, are you proud of yourselves?  Where you even aware Durbin made the DREAM Act part of the Gang of 8 bill? Did any of you even bother to read the bill to find out what was in it?  Now that Durbin is celebrating getting you to vote for his DREAM Act are any of you ashamed of yourselves?  Clearly the answer for all 14 of them is a no, or a I don’t care.

Dick Durbin’s long-awaited DREAM Act would and will allow illegal immigrants who came into the country as minors to stay, and now be eligible for citizenship.  Last year when President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that they were going to create a deferred deportation program for certain illegal immigrants the criteria they used and the people effect were identical to that of the DREAM Act, never mind the fact the DREAM Act has yet to pass Congress, namely the House and therefore isn’t law.

This whole DREAM Act Trojan horse is yet another reason why the House should not bring the Gang of 8’s bill up for a vote and why Speaker Boehner should avoid at all cost any conference committee with the Senate on immigration reform.

President Obama, nearly all 11-20 million illegal immigrants estimated to be in this country, and the entire Democrat party(which includes the main stream media) are going to work overtime to pressure the House into caving.  We can’t let that happen.

Put pressure on the House Republicans, especially the leadership, to oppose this effort at amnesty.  And please feel free to let the 14 wayward Republicans in the Senate know that you will not support them ever again, because of what they have done.

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