Backlash: From Amnesty To Spending GOP Base Looks To Primary Wayward Republican Lawmakers

Jenny Beth Martin
Jenny Beth Martin

Now that the dust is beginning to settle following the Senates cloture vote on the Gang of 8 amnesty bill a backlash against the Republicans that voted for it is starting to materialize.  Coupled with a desire among the GOP base to punish certain Republican lawmakers for their votes in favor of reckless spending there is a real possibility that the 2014 Republican primaries could be a bloodbath for wayward Republicans and the GOP moderate-liberal establishment.

The Daily Caller has the following from Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin:

Sixty-four percent of our local coordinators predict primary challengers for those who vote ‘Yes’ on the amnesty bill,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots.

“In a conference call with Tea Party Patriots local coordinators this week, 99 percent of them opposed the Corker-Hoeven amendment, and are disturbed at the overall bill-making process,” Martin said.

“Like Obamacare, this bill is too massive, offers special interest kickbacks and perks, has no measurable or enforceable border security, no one has had time to read what’s in it, and the final Senate vote will likely happen under cover of darkness,” she said.

Already there is an effort ongoing in Arizona to recall Gang of 8 members Senator’s John McCain and Jeff Flake over their amnesty bill.

Gateway Pundit-‘Gang of 8’ members John McCain & Jeff Flake face recall petition

There has been a long-standing desire from conservatives across the country to see someone challenge Senator Lindsey Graham in the Republican primary there.

There has also been talk about having former congressman Allen West run against Senator Marco Rubio in Florida, something that West has said he is open to doing.

Real Clear Politics-Allen West threatens to challenge Marco Rubio

It is not just Republicans who favor amnesty who face the possibility of being challenged.  Months ago the Club for Growth came out with a list of House Republicans that they actively want to see primaried, including my congressman Adam Kinzinger, over their habit of voting for more spending.  It should be noted that the Illinois Tea Party worked tirelessly in the 2012 primary to unseat Kinzinger and is talking about doing the same in 2014.

Club For Growth-Primary my Congressman

Other House Republicans on the CoG’s primary list are Greg Walden, Mike Simpson, Rick Crawford, Frank Lucas, Steve Palazzo, Martha Roby, Larry Buchson, Renee Ellmers, and Aaron Schock.

In addition to those possible challenges to incumbent Republicans in the House and Senate there has been a long standing push my Tea Party activist in Kentucky to primary Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

WHAS 11-Tea Party activist says McConnell to face GOP primary challenger soon

In a story that ran last month WWE wrestler “Kane” is thinking about running in the GOP primary against Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander(this as before Lamar voted for the Gang of 8).  Please note the Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, self identifies himself as a Libertarian.

Daily Caller-Pro wrestler Kane may be next Republican Senator from Tennessee

There are dozens of conservative and Tea Party groups and organizations seeking to primary various wayward Republican lawmakers and every one of them is right to do so.  This effort is going to make the first half of next year a very interesting, and busy, time.  Hopefully in the course of all these we end up with many more Ted Cruz’s and Mike Lee’s taking out the preferred candidates of the GOP establishment.


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