Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey Leaving Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Getting Concealed Carry Permit

At a town hall meeting of the Rockford Tea Party about Illinois’ pending concealed carry law Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey announced that he has/is leaving New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Morrissey said that he first joined the group believing that they would stick to their name and work to stop the possession of firearms by criminals.  However, as the group has shifted its focus to limiting the capacity of magazines and banning assault weapons Morrissey said that those policy positions are not in-line with his values and beliefs.  Mayor Morrissey also talked about how the majority of Rockford’s gun crime is committed by felons and others who are not permitted to own or posses a firearm and not by law abiding gun owners.  The Mayor also said that once the Illinois State Police begin taking applications for and issuing concealed carry permits he would get one.

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