The Intolerable Acts: Team Obama’s Offenses Against The American People

images-1In 1774 the King of England and Parliament enacted The Intolerable Acts to punish the colonist for the Boston Tea Party and other early flash points that lead up to the Revolutionary War and to bring them back under the control of the crown.  Under The Intolerable Acts the government of Massachusetts colony was drastically altered to give nearly all power to the King and his appointed Governor, the port of Boston was closed, trials of British officials under the acts were allowed to be moved to different jurisdictions, British soldiers could be quartered in people’s homes(hence later the Third Amendment), and the province boundaries of Quebec were greatly expanded.

These Acts, plus the attempts of the King to tax the American colonies without representation, the Boston Massacre, and other events fueled the fire that became the quest for independence.  Thomas Jefferson would give a good listing and detailing of the problems the colonist had with the crown in his first draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Today we Americans find ourselves facing a new set of Intolerable Acts being perpetrated against us by President Obama and his cronies.  Just like the King President Obama and his minions are disrespecting, abusing, intimidating, and even committing crimes against We The People.  And so let us now detail many of the intolerable things that have been perpetrated against us by our own government, one agency or Department at a time.

Internal Revenue Service-Has admitted to improperly targeting Tea Party and conservative organizations for scrutiny, harassment, intimidation, delays, and worse just because of the name or nature of their organizations seeking tax exempt status while simultaneously giving absolutely none of the same to left leaning groups.  While folks like True the Vote were being given anal exams by Lois Lerner and her subordinates others like Presidents Obama’s half-brother were given expedited preferential treatment.  Various conservative groups were asked by the IRS for the contents of their prayers, what books they read, the names of the children they had educated about liberty and the Constitution, access to social media and website postings, and details about the past and future elected office aspirations of their members.  Even worse some 40 different groups had their confidential information and tax forms given to ProPublica a left leaning media outlet in order to attack those groups and their members, that is a crime and against IRS rules and regulations.  The IRS also somehow managed to given the confidential tax records of the National Organization for Marriage to one of its issue opponents including a list of its donors in an attempt to attack and smear Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  The IRS’ missteps are numerous, well documented, and we have only scratched the tip of the iceberg on that malfeasance.

Department of Justice-Under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder and his top deputies including Thomas Perez have committed numerous transgressions.  There was the dismissal of charges against the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia for voter intimidation when the guilt and evidence against the Black Panthers was overwhelming.  There was the criminal exercise known as Operation Fast and Furious where gun smugglers were allowed to take firearms purchased in the US across the border into Mexico where those weapons were then given to the ultra violent narco-terrorist drug cartels with no effort made to track these weapons.  Those weapons have since been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least two US law enforcement officers including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  If that wasn’t bad enough Eric Holder and his Justice Department lied to Congress in a letter stating that no such operation was taking place(they later had to retract that letter).  Because of the lies and the incredibly flawed nature of Fast and Furious Congress demanded full access to all documents and related materials to the botched operation.  Eric Holder’s refusal to give Congress that access,  including invoking executive privilege, prompted the House of Representatives to find Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the first time that has ever been done.  Then there is the DOJ’s political payback directed at the Associated Press under the guise of an investigation into national security leaks.  The AP had sat on a counter-terrorism story for several days at the request of the government because of national security concerns, however when the government requested an additional day of no reporting, not out of security concerns but because President Obama wanted to break the story at a press conference the AP balked and ran with the story.  This clearly angered the Obama administration who proceeded to investigate the AP for running with the story instead of giving President Obama his chance to gloat.  Some 20 phone lines of 100 AP reporters and editors were tapped by the Justice Department.  Before that abuse of the First Amendment and the Free Press Eric Holder signed off on a search warrant of Fox News reporter James Rosen naming him a co-conspirator under the Espionage Act.  The DOJ would monitor Rosen’s movements inside Washington D.C., accessed his private emails and monitored his and his parents phones.  And what was Rosen’s supposed crime he reported that the Dictator of North Korea was planning to test detonate a nuclear weapon as part of its strategy to get sanctions against them lessened, hardly shocking or classified information, since that kind of behavior by North Korea is routine.  In a twist that could only come about from a corrupt public official Eric Holder committed perjury when he told a House committee in mid-May that he had never heard of, or been a part of, nor approved exactly what he did to James Rosen.  These are the actions of a totalitarian regime and are a bill of particulars warranting a criminal indictment against Eric Holder for a whole host of charges.

Environmental Protection Agency-Is and has been using unmanned drones to spy, they say monitor, farmers in the Midwest.  The EPA has released the private information of thousands of farmers to radical environmental groups.  The EPA is using the Freedom of Information Act to reward, by nearly always waiving the fees for leftist environmental groups, while forcing more conservative groups to pay those fees with nearly no waivers ever granted.  Former EPA head Lisa Jackson used a fake name and email account to converse with other Obama administration officials and outside groups in the crafting of regulations in violation of various laws and standard procedure.  In a laughable moment that fake name used by Jackson won EPA awards.  The EPA is also waging a war on coal forcing coal mines and coal-fired power plants to shut down, putting thousands out of work and increasing our dependence on foreign energy.  The EPA also retroactively revoked a coal mining permit issued to a coal mine under the Bush administration.

Department of Agriculture-Has been using taxpayer dollars to advertise the Food Stamp program in Mexico, explaining in Spanish how people can apply for and receive this welfare benefit.  Food Stamps currently account for 75-80% of the Departments total $100 Billion budget with a record 45 million people enrolled in the program.  Then there is the Pigford scandal, where minority farmers were awarded billions of dollars for alleged past discrimination, there is just one problem a large number of the people seeking to get money from this program have never farmed a day in their life and what few there are that are actual farmers don’t have to prove or display any evidence of any discrimination.

Department of Veterans Affairs-Currently has a massive backlog processing claims by our wounded warriors and aging veterans inhibiting their ability to get medical care and treatment with tens of thousands waiting a year or more for their claims to be processed.  This backlog has existed for years and only gets worse as time goes by.

Department of Energy and Interior Department-Are tag teaming to keep the United States from becoming energy independent.  They are denying, stonewalling, or blocking permits to energy companies for the exploration and development of oil and natural gas on federal land.  If it were not for a boom in energy production on private land thanks to hydraulic fracturing domestic energy production would be down under President Obama.  The Energy and Interior Departments are also colluding with the EPA and State Departments to block the Keystone XL pipeline.

Department of Education-Does not directly employee any teachers nor does it directly teach a single student in this nation, it does however have a SWAT team to knock down people’s doors and arrest them in a very Soviet style display of government power.  The Department of Education is also helping to push Common Core on the states.  Common Core is a set of national education standards that dumb down our children, promote liberal propaganda like man-made climate change(which is a hoax), de-emphasizes American history, and much more that is detrimental to our nations education system.

Stop Common Core Illinois

Department of Health and Human Services-Is responsible for setting up and running Obamacare including issuing regulations pursuant to it such as the abortifacient mandate that requires nearly every health insurance plan to provide for free access to abortion inducing drugs and contraceptives.  This mandate flies in the face of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment as it forces employers, individuals, and many religious institutions to provide health insurance that covers items that they find objectionable under the tenants of their faith.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is also using her position to raise funds for Obamacare from the very businesses and industries she regulates.  Secretary Sebelius is also in some hot water for violating the Hatch Act when she used her official position to campaign for President Obama at an event in North Carolina during the 2012 presidential election cycle.  Secretary Sebelius also took it upon herself to grant waivers to parts of Obamacare to various Unions and even whole states without statutory authority to do so.  As for Obamacare itself it to is an Intolerable Act, specifically the individual mandate which requires that a person must purchase health insurance that meets the government’s approval or be fined.  It was originally argued that the individual mandate was lawful under the commerce clause of the Constitution, that argument was torpedoed by the Supreme Court.  But in its own Intolerable Act Chief Justice John Roberts ruled that the mandate was permissible under the governments taxing authority.  There is just one problem, as pointed out in a brief by Landmark Legal Foundation, the individual mandate doesn’t qualify as a tax under any of the taxing provisions of the Constitution.  The individual mandate is not a direct, excise, or income tax, it is not a duty or import, nor any of the other things permissible under the Constitution.  In effect you as a free man or woman will be penalized for not entering into a contract of the governments liking simply because you are alive.  Those are only the first of many, many problems with Obamacare.

Department of Homeland Security-Is responsible for the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement(among others) and is thus at the front lies of both border security and enforcement of our nations immigration laws.  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Obama have taken it upon themselves to usurp the powers of Congress and have rewritten our immigrations laws by granting people who were brought to the US illegal as children by their parents de facto amnesty.  According to the head of the Union representing ICE agents anyone who merely claims that they meet criteria for deferred deportation(i.e amnesty) are automatically given that status with no verification at all.  Reports indicate that 99% of all people who have applied for deferred deportation status have had it granted.  The criteria used to determine who is eligible for deferred status are nearly identical to those found in a piece of legislation called the DREAM Act, however neither the DREAM Act or deferred deportation have ever been approved by Congress which under the Constitution has the authority to set immigration policy in this country.  Again according to ICE Union head Chris Crane even criminal illegal immigrants and those who have assaulted law enforcement are given deferred status effectively putting the brakes on Immigration and Customs Enforcements ability to enforce the laws enacted by Congress.  Mr. Crane also alleges that DHS and Obama administration officials have threatened to punish ICE agents for enforcing existing immigration law.  The Department of Homeland Security was created following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has been responsible for preventing another terrorist attack on our homeland.  They and the FBI failed miserably at that in the case of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who are responsible for the April 15th, 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon that killed three, injured nearly 100 others, and subsequent murder of a Boston area police officer.  The Tsarnaev brothers came to the US with their parents seeking political asylum after they left the Chechen region of Russia.  Years later Tamerlan would spend six months in the area meeting with a known terrorist leader.  Russian authorities would alert the US to Tamerlan and his suspected ties to terrorist and the FBI conducted a brief investigation that obviously didn’t dig deep enough.  In addition to DHS not monitoring Tamerlan on his overseas travels or re-entry into the US, they also failed to check to see if the Tsarnaev’s were eligible to remain in the US given that they were on welfare for years and that Tamerlan was arrested for domestic violence against his then girlfriend.  That girlfriend according to media reports says Tamerlan pressured her to hate the US like he did.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shoot out with police following a car jacking and chase in which explosive devices were thrown at police.  The younger Tsarnaev brother, Dzhokhar, was found by police the next day hiding in a boat and had written a note in his own blood calling the Marathon victims collateral damage and claimed to have carried out the terrorist attack in retaliation for the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq allegedly writing, “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims”.  There were multiple warning signs and ample evidence provided to us by the Russians that at a minimum Tamerlan was a potential threat, and yet nothing was done that would have prevent the deaths of those four people at the hands of these terrorist brothers and that is unacceptable.

The final element of the Intolerable Acts committed by President Obama and his administration has to do with the terrorist attack on the US diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya.  On September 11, 2012 100-150 members of the Al Qaeda linked group Ansar al-Sharia laid siege to the compounds with heavy weapons fire killing Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department employee Sean Smith, and CIA security personnel Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods over the course of an 8 hour attack.  During the course of the fighting Gregory Hicks, the head of US presence in Libya with the Ambassador out of contact, made repeated request for military assistance.  Those request went unanswered all the while some 30 American were in harm’s way.  At no point during those 8 hours did the US seek the approval of the Libyan government to enter their airspace with fighters of helicopters to repel the terrorist.  With two unarmed UAV drones taking turns providing real-time video to officials in Washington no help ever came for our fellow Americans.  It took more than a day for a special forces unit meant to respond to this kind of situation to get out of the Balkin country they were in.  No aircraft from Italian air bases or US aircraft carriers were launched.  Keep in mind a commercial plane could travel from London to Benghazi and back in the time the attack was taking place.  It is the contention of Mr. Hicks that had any US aircraft arrived on the scene the terrorist would have retreated.  That could have possibly saved the lives of Doherty and Woods who were the last to die when a mortar hit their position.  Then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta contends that no military assets could have reached Benghazi in time to help, which he couldn’t have known since no help was sent and no one at the time knew how long the fighting was going to last, whether or not there were any hostages or the status of Ambassador Stevens who went missing during the siege.  In the days and weeks following the terrorist attack President Obama, Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did the unthinkable and blamed the deaths of four of our own, not on the terrorist who had killed them, but on a little seen Youtube video.  Susan Rice would do the rounds on the Sunday talk shows blaming Benghazi on the Youtube video.  Hillary Clinton and President Obama would cut a commercial that ran in Pakistan doing them same.  Two weeks after the attack President Obama would speak to the United Nations and continued the Benghazi Youtube video line.  The problem is they were lying.  During the attack Mr. Hicks and others specifically called what was going on terrorism and even named the group responsible Ansar al-Sharia.  Talking points crafted by the CIA called what had happened a terrorist attack, named Ansar al-Sharia, and documented previous terrorist attacks in the months prior in Benghazi.  Those talking points were changed by State Department officials who took out the truth and inserted the lie about the Youtube video which the Obama administration ran with.  Then CIA director David Petraeus said that he would rather not use the State Department altered talking points.  And for good reason they were bull crap.  Even after emails and other proof emerged that the talking points used by Susan Rice were lies Obama administration officials continued to downplay the significance of using them instead of telling the American people the truth, which was what the original CIA talking points were.  It is clear that President Obama’s reelection and narrative that Al Qaeda had been defeated and was on the run was more important than the truth.  Aside from being briefed in the first few hours of the attack by Leon Panetta and a late night phone call to Hillary Clinton, which many contend was to begin to establish the cover-up, we have no idea what President Obama did or where he was during the attack on our people.  To this day we still do not have any hard copies of orders, if any, President Obama gave.  We do not know who in the administration came up with the notion that what happened was a result of a video.  We don’t know who decided to run with the Youtube video lie over the terrorist attack truth.  And we don’t know why no help was sent to our people under attack which is the most intolerable action taken by this President and his subordinates to date.

These are but a few of the intolerable actions taken by President Obama and those he has appointed to various post.  There are also Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments, the failed $1 trillion stimulus, the fact that Obama has the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, the auto bailouts and the screwing over of GM bond holders, the multiple examples of crony capitalism including Solyndra, and dozens upon dozens more examples of government overreach.

There is a remedy to these Intolerable Acts, we can abolish the IRS to ends its transgressions by moving to a Flat Tax or the Fair Tax.  We can stop the problems associated with Obamacare by repealing that terrible piece of socialized medicine.  We can fix the wrongs taking place at the Department of Justice by indicting Eric Holder.  We can solve the problems associated with illegal immigration by enforcing the rule of law.  And most importantly we can fix all of these Intolerable Acts with a new, liberty embracing, Constitution supporting, conservative President.

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