2 IL GOP State Senators Join Dems In Denouncing Citizens United

Today the Illinois Senate approved a joint resolution that denounced the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling and called for Congress to send to the states a Constitutional amendment to overturn that ruling.  Joining the Senates Democrats in voting for the measure were Republicans Karen McConnaughay and Pamela Althoff.

8 other Republican Senators voted against the joint resolution while the remaining 9 Republican Senators along with 4 Democrats walked out of the chamber in protest, registering non votes.

A large coalition of liberal and left wing groups and organizations banded together in the effort to have Illinois join the ranks of those wanting Citizens United overturned including MoveOn.org and Common Cause Illinois.

Currently 13 states, nearly all dark blue states, have passed measures calling for the overturning of Citizens United.

Illinois Review has more on the vote

Those unhappy with Citizens United don’t like the money the ruling allowed to enter into the nations political discourse, specifically money from corporations.  However, these leftist don’t seem to know much about the particulars of the case.  Here is a quick recap.  During the 2008 election while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were battling it out the organization Citizens United created a movie they wanted to sell via cable and satellite providers to residents in Ohio.  This movie was highly critical of Clinton.  The problem was the film, openly advocating for or against a candidate, ran afoul of campaign finance laws, namely McCain-Feingold.

During oral arguments the governments lawyers defending campaign finance laws which prohibited Citizens United from distributing the anti-Clinton film said under questioning from Justice Alito that McCain-Feingold allowed the government to ban books and other materials even if the only thing they did was use two-three words supporting or opposing a candidate.

Citizens United-It’s all about the book banning

Any federal law the allows the government to stifle the political free speech of any American should and must be struck down by the Court and that is just what the Supreme Court did back in 2010.

Shame on anyone who wants to go back to the days when the government could muzzle the political free speech of any American.

you can read more at usofarn.com

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