Occupier Dances On Babies Grave: Glad Texas 2 yr old Killed

Del Wasso is a well know progressive activist in Northern Illinois working with or being a part of Occupy Rockford, Moveon.org, the Rockford Coffee Party(while that lasted).  He is a long-standing critic of congressman Paul Ryan and his budget and an active supporter of Illinois 17th district congresswoman Cheri Bustos(D).

In a Facebook posting on Thursday Wasso danced on the grave of a 2-year-old accidentally shot in Texas saying, “The astute little tike obviously knew he was growing up in a Republican household, and couldn’t stomach the idea”.

del 2 yr old

If that wasn’t disgusting enough earlier Del did some Jew bashing for good measure.

del jews

Del, as someone who knows you please seek some help I’m sure your government sector union has gotten you some great mental health exam benefits, take advantage of it.

Video of me debating Del over the first Paul Ryan budget.

you can read more at usofarn.com

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