Revolutionary War Era Flag Deemed Offensive In New York


New Rochelle, New York, city council member Jared R. Rice(D) thinks that the Gadsden flag, also known as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, is offensive.  So earlier this month Mr. Rice complained about the flag flying on a flag pole at the New Rochelle Armory to the city’s manager asking for it to be removed.  The manager initially declined, however the Democrat majority of the city council overruled him and ordered the flag be removed by city workers and confiscated.

Talk of the Sound has more:

After the vote, during the public discussion period of the City Council meeting veterans, their children and other supporters of the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Society of New Rochelle spoke passionately about those who died fighting under the Gadsden flag as early as 1775 during the early days of the American Revolution and in modern day wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Global War on Terror.

“People died fighting under the Confederate flag too,” said Council Member Barry Fertel(D) as City Council members exited Council Chambers.

During the Committee of the Whole Meeting earlier in the day where the vote was called, City Council Member Shari Rackman(D) compared the Gadsden flag to the Rainbow Flag used to symbolize gay pride.

Brian Sussman, a Democratic Party District Leader in New Rochelle, has compared the Gadsden Flag variously to the Nazi flag, a Mickey Mouse flag and graffiti.

All of those opposing the Gadsden Flag have done so on the grounds that the flag is a “Tea Party flag” and that intention of the United Veterans organization is to make a political statement in support the Tea Party. Mayor Noam Bramson(D) has stated that the President of the United Veterans is a member of the Tea Party. Council Member Jared Rice, who said during the City Council discussion on the flag, that he made the original complaint about the flag to the City Manager, said he found the flag “offensive”.

Peter Parente, UVMPA President, spoke last night and categorically denied being a member of the Tea Party or that anyone at the flag retirement ceremony in March when the Gadsden flag was raised participated as a member of the Tea Party.

The veterans organization to runs the Armory has retained The Thomas More Law Center for any possible legal actions they might take to regain their flag and right to display it.  The Washington Examiner quotes Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center, as saying, “Using the City Council’s reasoning, they would remove the Stars and Stripes from flagpoles because both Democrat and Republican Parties, as well as most political candidates, use the Stars and Stripes in their campaign messaging,”

An archived live stream video of the council meeting can be viewed, here.

The Democrats running New Rochelle are a bunch of unpatriotic a-holes, especially Jared Rice.  To consider the Gadsden flag offensive is to disrespect the New Yorkers, including those from New Rochelle, who flew, fought, and died under that flag during the Revolutionary War and the countless others who have continued to do so up to and including the present day.

Mr. Jared R. Rice, Democrat New Rochelle, New York, you make me sick.