Planned Parenthood Trying To Expand In Illinois

Late last week I was sent a tip that Planned Parenthood of Illinois was working on acquiring a piece of property in Rockford, Illinois.  After having done some digging into the matter I can report the following.  According to the real estate agent for the property in question, the old VA clinic on East State Street(in front of Rockford College), Planned Parenthood did make an offer for the building.  However, as the agent told me, that offer was rejected in favor of another bid from another group which he did not name.

Repeated attempts to get answers from Planned Parenthood about their intentions or interest to come to Rockford went unanswered.  Planned Parenthood, as a whole, is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

It was also rumored that the Rockford Area Economic Development Council was involved in trying to bring Planned Parenthood to Rockford.  RAEDC President Janyce Fadden informed me that at no time was the RAEDC ever involved in this effort and that they have had no contact with Planned Parenthood of Illinois about bringing them to Rockford.

Kevin Rilott with the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative gave the following statement about the possibility of Planned Parenthood coming to the city:

We have a trusted source that has informed the Rockford Pro-life Initiative that Planned Parenthood has been looking at the city of Rockford as a possible site for a location for many weeks.  We also have been informed a possible location has been considered by Planned Parenthood.

If Planned Parenthood has in-fact targeted Rockford for their deadly child killing business and perverted sex education we will be ready and able to oppose them every step of the way.  No greater tragedy can come to a community than the arrival of a Planned Parenthood killing center and the destruction of lives that accompanies their depraved sex education.

The prospect of Planned Parenthood coming to Rockford is rather troubling to many given that in September of 2011 the Illinois Department of Public Health closed the Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic on Broadway Street after finding numerous health, safety, and regulatory violations.  While the state of Illinois was willing to let the NIWC reopen after it corrected the noted violations, its owners and operators kept Rockford’s only abortion clinic closed citing a “lack of community support”.  It should be noted the Illinois Department of Public Health went 14 years between inspections of the Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic, which had a reputation for harassing pro-life demonstrators.

Rockford Register Star-Rockford abortion clinic’s license suspended indefinitely

Rockford Republican mayoral candidate Michael Kleen had the following statement about this situation:

Rockford has a strong pro-life community that fought for years to rid our community of an abortion mill, and I have no doubt that we would fight again if one were to return. In the meantime, not one dime of public money should go towards helping Planned Parenthood come to Rockford. I am also opposed to the city giving them any sort of subsidy or tax break.I know firsthand what kind of devastating effect abortion can have on a young woman and her loved ones, and I cannot in good conscience support it.

Only time will tell if Planned Parenthood of Illinois will continue its effort to set up shop in Rockford, but as it stands their first(that we know of) attempt has so far been unsuccessful.

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