Middle Schooler Told To Cover Marine Shirt Or Be Suspended

Today a Genoa-Kingston Middle School student’s parent is claiming that a teacher ordered his son to cover his US Marine themed t-shirt or be suspended.  Dan McIntyre says that his son Michael has wore the shirt to school many times in the past and that he is a big fan of the branch of the US military.


Dan McIntyre says that, “A teacher noticed the guns on the shirt.”  He went on to say that the teacher said there was a school policy against the image of a gun.

Michael complied when the teacher asked him to turn the shirt inside out.  However, Dan says that he son was still reported to the schools principal.

Dan says that his son, “was really bothered by it. He talked to me after school about it. I said I would have supported whatever decision he made.”

(Note Dan McIntyre is involved with the Dekalb County(IL) Marines organization, and is coordinator of the Dekalb County IL Tea Party)

(As it was after business hours no Genoa-Kingston Middle School staff members where available for comment)