Tea Party Member and Former Pro Wrestlers Take On Glenn Beck & Jack Swagger

On this past Monday’s edition of WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” Jack Swagger, the number 1 contender for Alberto Del Rio’s world heavyweight championship, gave a “State of the Union” speech(watch below).  After having been out of action for months, Swagger was brought back to WWE programing in the lead up to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view with a new twist on his gimmick and character; that of a xenophobic stereotype of the Tea Party(as you will see in the video Swagger and WWE have even co-opted the Don’t Tread On Me logo used by the Tea Party movement).

This past Thursday conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck gave his opinion of the whole Swagger/Tea Party story-line.  In a nut shell Beck was disappointed that the McMahon family and WWE would create such a character(you can listen to his radio shows segment below).

In response to Beck’s criticism of the Tea Party angle being taken with Jack Swagger WWE invited Glenn Beck to appear on the February 25th edition of “Monday Night Raw”.  An invite which, as Twichy reports, was rejected by Beck.(http://twitchy.com/2013/02/22/glenn-beck-passes-on-wwes-invitation-hes-busy-washing-his-hair-or-something/)

As I am probably the only conservative blogger in the country who also happened to have been a professional wrestler(more than a decade ago), I have got to weigh in on this debacle.

First of all as a former wrestler and fan of the WWE my entire life I have got to say that Jack Swagger has no business being in one of the main event matches at Wrestlemania.  While former amature wrestlers like Swagger tend to make great pro wrestlers(see Brock Lesner) Jack Swagger himself isn’t all that good at many of the things that make a person a top level professional wrestler.  Swagger is bad on a mic, and as his career in WWE has shown he needs little extras to make the fans boo him(Swagger has spent his whole WWE career as a villian) such as his denouncing of his home state of Oklahoma while in Texas and the silly “Swagger soaring eagle” mascot that used to accompany him to the ring.

It is a big deal in the world of professional wrestling to be in  title match at Wrestlemania and from a fans perspective had Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, or Chris Jerhico won the right to face Del Rio at the Elimination Chamber PPV, the WWE fans would be in for a good high quality entertaining match that could possibly steal some thunder from The Rock v John Cena WWE Championship match.  Instead the fans are going to be treated to a match that they just wouldn’t care one ounce about.

Which is why the WWE suits and writers grasped for the biggest straw they could to make the Swagger/Del Rio match interesting, this racist Tea Party angle for Swagger.  Sadly, this angle has already worked out for Vince and Linda McMahon as it has sparked interest(not to mention controversy) in the Swagger/Del Rio match.  The WWE would be in a much better place heading into the biggest event of the year had Swagger remained off TV as the writers and creative team brainstormed a way to make Swagger usable while giving the world heavy weight championship shot to Orton or Jericho two proven and well established former world champions.  Heck the WWE writers could have even been bold and made the world title match a triple threat between Del Rio, Kane, and Daniel Byran, that match would have been interesting and would have written itself.(I’m the #1 contender, No I’m the #1 contender)

As a part of the Tea Party movement in Illinois all I can say about this Swagger Tea Party gimmick is what a total slanderous pile of garbage.  It is quite clear that the WWE’s writers got their impression of what a Tea Party Patriot is from having watched MSNBC.  We Tea Partiers are not a collection of racist, as the liberal media tries to portray.  We are the ones who helped to put Allen West, Nikki Haley, Susan Martinez, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio(among hundreds of others) into elected office.  It was the Tea Party that made Herman Cain a strong presidential contender at one point in the GOP primary process.  And when it comes to immigration(which is Swaggers biggest stick) the Tea Party movement nationwide cares about the issue only in terms of upholding the US Constitution and the rule of law, hence our outrage at President Obama’s de facto amnesty for illegal alien youths and insistence that the Republican party not cave into leftist demands for even more amnesty under the guise of comprehensive immigration reform.

Illinois Tea Party coordinator Denise Cattoni can be found quite often telling people what it is that the Tea Party stands for; Constitutional limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free enterprise.  Clearly the creative team at WWE never heard Denise or any other Tea Party member explain what the Tea Party is or about.

The next time the WWE wants to try to make Jack Swagger interesting, or a bigger heel than he already is, just have him Pearl Harbor Alberto Del Rio, some times the simplest things work the best.

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