An Open Letter To Rahm Emanuel

Dear Mayor Rahm Emanuel,
In the past 13 months the city of Chicago has seen nearly 550 murders, 42 of them in the month of January alone.  It is more deadly to be on the streets of Chicago than the battlefields of Afghanistan.  Nearly all of these murders under your watch have been a result of gang members using handguns, something which the city of Chicago banned until the Supreme Court stepped in a few years ago.  Chicago currently has an “assault weapons ban” and some of the nations toughest gun control laws.  Despite that Chicago remains on pace for its second straight year of 500 plus murders.  Rahm your city has a crime problem, a gang problem, and your chosen remedies are woefully inadequate to address the problem(s).

As Mayor of Chicago you have pushed the Illinois legislature to tax ammunition. You are on record as being opposed to Illinois becoming a concealed carry state even though a federal appeals court has ordered Illinois to pass concealed carry legislation.  On a national television appearance you told gangbangers in the city to, “Get away from that kid. Take your stuff away to the alley. Don’t touch the children of the city of Chicago. Don’t get near them…Don’t come near the kids — don’t touch them.”  In the last few weeks you have floated a new gun control ordinance for the city after a state-wide “assault weapon ban” bill failed.  This week you have used your office to send letters to mutual funds and two banks encouraging them to divest from firearm manufacturers, while also ordering the city’s pension funds to do the same.  Every last one of these endeavors does nothing to address the gangs, or Chicago’s unemployment rate.

What the city of Chicago is in need of is a crack down on and round up of the criminal street gangs, kind of like what Eliot Ness did to Al Capone; go after the gangs hard.  Take some of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s “broken windows” approach to combating crime.  Instead of being hostile towards law abiding citizens who own firearms(or treating them like criminals) why not recognize that the people of Chicago have a right to keep and bear arms and that they have a right to defend themselves from the gangs and other criminals.  The statistics exist that show that every state that has passed concealed carry has seen its crime rates drop and furthermore not a one has become the “wild west”.

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security in December 2012 Chicago had an unemployment rate of 10% and that is a big contributing factor to the crime problem.  So why is Chicago’s unemployment rate going up(it was 9.9% in November)?  Well, it might have something to do with this from the Chicago Tribune, “In Chicago, water bills will rise significantly, property taxes will go up, parking meter rates will jump yet again and speed cameras will start fining lead-footed drivers near schools and parks”.  Two years ago the state of Illinois raised income and corporate taxes on every person and business in the state.  Illinois has become known as a state that is unfriendly towards business.  As a candidate for the General Assembly told me during his campaign Illinois losses more jobs to Indiana than to China.  For years more people have been leaving Illinois than have been coming in.  This paints a bleak economic picture for Chicago and the state(and one does effect the other).  Instead of more taxes, more fees, and more blockage of business growth(remember that whole Chick-fil-A thing) why not embrace capitalism, entrepreneurs, and business in general.  Those gun makers you are targeting because they resist more assaults on the Second Amendment, employee people, they pay taxes, if you were wise you would be doing what Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) did in response to your letters and encouraging business to come to Chicago and Illinois.  That Chick-fil-A franchise you tried to block would have employed many young people who could be working for a living and not involved in a gangs criminal activity.  More business, more jobs are good things and Chicago is in desperate need of them.

The families of all the hundreds of victims of gang violence in Chicago deserve a Mayor who will take concrete steps to combat the gangs and the unemployment problem.  What they don’t need is a Prima donna grandstanding for issues and causes that will have zero impact(or effect) on the problems plaguing the city and indeed could easily make things worse.

Rahm, before the murder problem in Chicago gets any worse than it is do the right thing and protect the residents of your city by getting tough on the gangs and bring hope to the folks on the south and west sides by becoming friendly towards business.

Ulysses S. Arn