11 IL House Republicans Ensure That Illegal Immigrants Will Get Drivers Licenses

Today with the help of 11 House Republicans Speaker Mike Madigan(D-Chicago) was able to pass legislation that would grant illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Having passed the Illinois Senate in early December the measure now heads to Governor Pat Quinn’s desk to be signed into law.

Here are the 11 House Republicans, including most of the leadership, we can thank for giving Illegal Immigrants drivers licenses here in Illinois.
Tom Cross-minority leader
Skip Saviano
Sid Mathias
Dan Brady
Michael McAuliffe
Jim Durkin
Dave Leitch
Chris Nybo
Mike Fortner
Bob Pritchard
Darlene Senger

*some people want to add Dave Winters(68th) to this list however he resigned over the summer and was replaced by John Cabello(he would vote no) therefore making the Winters who voted yes Democrat Eddie Winters*