Obama hints at more(useless) gun control at Newtown vigil

President Obama tonight hinted that his solution to stopping tragedies like that in Newtown, CT wold be to impose more laws, more gun control. This of course would do nothing to have stopped Adam Lanza, who murdered his own mother stole her guns(she lawfully had) then stole her car, broke into Sandy Hook elementary and went on his deadly rampage. I’ve been saying this all weekend(on my blog usofarn.com and social media) the only way to have prevented this nightmare was if the teachers and staff at that school had been armed themselves. Just imagine had Nick Meli, the concealed carry permit holder who stopped the Oregon mall shooting, been at that school Friday morning.

Mr. President, Dick Durbin, Nanny Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel, Pat Quinn, and the rest of the anti-second amendment gun control crowd, we don’t need more of what you are peddling to combat this horrific events(Ft. Hood, Aurora, Tuscon, Newtown). What we need is to get rid of these gun free zones, to arm teachers and school staff, and to give law abiding responsible gun owners more their freedom(and right) to keep and bear arms. That is how you stop such madness, not with assault weapon bans, ammo taxes, or the attempt to take guns out of the hands of the citizenry.