The events globally and the events in Wisconsin and Indiana, the media would have us believe, these events have the same root cause.  The cause of the events in Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya are ‘the workers’ revolting in these countries and the two US states is for workers rights.  These are the working man revolting against the establishment in large mobs chanting for revolution.

Let us think about this for one minute.

And, let’s conduct a real root cause analysis.

Global Issue: Egypt, Tunisia and Libya have had despotic dictators in charge siphoning the millions (if not billions) to become rich, benefiting a small ruling class; while, the citizenry of their nation became disparate and poor.

Cause: These dictators have been in charge for 30 and 40 years.  The rule of these dictators benefited a small select group of people called the ruling class.

States Issue:  Fiscal malfeasance from State Legislators and Governors have left Wisconsin and Indiana (and soon to be California, Ohio, etc.) on the brink of financial ruin and potential bankruptcy.  Not to mention the unemployment is tittering on depression like status.

Cause: These states have been implementing progressive policies for 30 and 40 years.  The majority of these legislators have been progressive democrats.  These policies benefited a select group of people called public sector employees (ruling class) and Union Bosses.

Do you notice any commonalities?

The people of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio rose up in November and voted in new Governors and new legislators.  To change the status quo these new elected officials have to make some drastic changes.  Those changes impact the beneficiaries of those policies implemented over the last 30 and 40 years.

The people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya rose up to revolt against the despotic dictator’s policies and rule that have been implemented over the last 30 and 40 years under a Democratic rule.

Well these commonalities are astonishing, aren’t they?

The dictators refuse to leave because they like their power and they cannot give that power up.  This is power they have held over millions of people for 30 to 40 years.  These benefactors of power refuse to let go of the stronghold they have on their respective countries.  They refuse to leave their power and all that it has provided them in at least one case a Democratic rule gone badly.

The democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana don’t like the paradigm shift and see the power they have come to enjoy for so long slipping through their grasp.  They flee the state(s) in order to prevent a Republic rule from occurring and cling to the power of a Democratic rule gone badly.  The benefactors of these policies rise up in revolt and refuse to leave the Capitol.  While the policy makers run and hide to prevent the taxpayers from being set free from their oppressive policies.

Do you see the commonalities?

After 30 to 40 years of despotic progressive rule the people have risen up and spoken.  No Scott Walker is not of the same vane as these Despotic Dictators, he is the result of a Republic doing what it does giving power to the people.  The power hungry benefactors (UNIONS) and the despotic Democrats lust for power and the oppression over the taxpayer are coming to an end.  These power hungry dictates of progressive policy cannot let go of their power.  It has been in some cases at least 30 to 40 years of power.

That is the commonality of these two events.  Dictates of power and their benefactors for 30 to 40 years cannot let go of their power they have held together.  One set flees to avoid a Republic rule and the other stages a revolt and refuses to leave and let go of their mob rule the ugly side of Democracy.

There are the commonalities.  The power and oppression of a people is hard to give up.  But, from where I stand the Republic is coming back and the people have spoken.  Scott Walker is representing them.  The fleabaggers and the Unions, one set fleeing and the other set refusing to leave, do not want to give up their power.