God is God

God is God.  He is God in the pew; and, He is God on the platform.  That was a song that visiting guests singer /preacher sang one Sunday.  I was so moved I bought a tape of their music. I was so touched by the Holy Spirit. There are no words to describe that revelation and that reformation.  It was a Spiritual revolution in my soul.

God is God in your disease; God is God in your despair. God is God.  There isn’t anything He can’t do.

I watched O’Reilly and Joy Behar spar. The upset was over Mohammedans.  At, which time, I think the Big O’ presented a litany of Holy Ghost bashing from Ms. Behar. A list of ‘Joy Behar Christian bashing’ was presented in a collage like of sound bites.

Joy, I know you may think you are only bashing me (A Christian), ’cause yeah, it is popular to malign a Christian.  But, hey, I am a Sinner, saved by Grace. Personally, I deserve bashing.  I deserve nothing. But, because I am covered in His Blood I qualify for everything.

If you are bashing us sinners, because we believe as Christians we are supposed to turn the other cheek; and, you are doing this for your sick and perverse satisfaction at tempting us to sin against God, you are evil. So, if in reality you are ‘only’ bashing me; well, then, if you are, I have no reason for offense.  I have died to Christ.  It is He that lives in me.  I deserve any insult you throw.  I am a Sinner.  I can’t change that, but God can: because God is God.

It is the Sacrifice of Christ that preserves me and covers me so my sin is not seen.

Back to Behar…

Because, Joy, you know Christ and I am sure you can teach me all about how best to Serve Him.

So, you can diminish me.  But when you diminish the Holy Spirit you have gone too far.  As I heard the accounts and the recordings of you Joy, and hearing your phrases and your comments.  As I heard the collage sound bites, I grew numb from this strange rage that came over me.  It was a righteous indignation for you Behar and your comments.  You think that My God is weak?

Are you kidding me? My God created all things.  And, when He Spoke: He Spoke into existence all things.  Do you seriously think that you can tempt Him?

Who are you? And, you think you can stand their in your smug hypocritical and phony righteous indignation and tempt The Holy Spirit?

Joy, seriously, are you kidding me?

You’re kidding me right? You have no clue. You have no clue who My God is! You have not a clue!  You can revile me; and, yeah, I don’t have to turn the other cheek.  BUT,  I want to, Joy, that’s the difference. I don’t have to do anything, I have my free will; and, I have chosen to turn the other cheek.

But, when you revile the Holy Spirit; and, when you have bruised Him, you think you are safe from His Wrath?  You are tempting God to Sin.  And, you lie before the Holy Spirit; and, you think you can get away with it, because you think He does not exist?  The day will come dear Behar, a day, where you will look back and wish those words of yours did not leave your lips.

People have lied before the Holy Spirit and ceased to exist.  That is the God I serve.  Oh, and, He created this Country for His Purpose.  To be an evangelical tool to the World.  I have prayed this prayer as instructed for over 20 years. ‘Cause, yes, Ms. Behar, we are a CHRISTIAN Nation.  End of Discussion. We were here first; and, we claimed this Land for the Living God.  You can’t rob God of what is rightfully His.  You cannot rob me and mine of the Blessings of this Land.

Back to the Big O’ Show…

At that moment (the collage of sound bites), the rage filled every cell of my being. The rage inflamed by the fire from my Spirit being, and this rage was due to Behar’s diminishing words.  Words meant to let me know that I am beneath her; and she, Ms. Behar, is my superior.

I must not be offended, and I must turn the other cheek.  According to all those who bash Christ, and somehow through their hate of Christ and His followers, they seem to know how best we as Christians must serve Him. I am a follower of Christ.  Because I am a Christian and I am filled with the Holy Spirit.  And, if I really am (a Christian), well, then I will turn the other cheek.

Yeah. Yeah, I will.  But, don’t think you can Tempt God to Sin.  Or don’t think that He (God) has to turn the other cheek.  Well, because there, Ms.Behar, that’s where I know you are mistaken.

Your comments are not against myself or my fellow followers. I, or we,  suffer nothing.  I have chosen to turn the other cheek, because He suffered for me.  I am so sorry you don’t get that.  I am.

But, I cannot tell you how then The Holy Spirit rose up inside of me to say to you that you have cursed yourself.  You Behar have cursed the Holy Spirit.  You have not cursed me, I am filthy rags.

Back to the Big O’ Show..

The clip showed you. And, you got up and left the stage, my guess is that you left out of fear more than anything else.  Fear of what the Mohammedans may do.  Because, we know that a Jihad is called out on the head of the cartoonist who dares to draw a picture of their prophet.  (He isn’t even their god…he is their prophet and they will kill you for him, not just for their god; but, for their prophet.)

You will bow, out of fear, to a governmental system wrapped in a cultist unreformed religion; and, you curse the living God.  You, girl, have cursed yourself.  You are cursed with a curse, if I truly believe the Word of God.  And, I do. I believe God is God.  He speaks. He creates.  God is God.  I know what I saw in the Spirit.  I know God is God.

Joy Behar, you will know God; either, you bend the knee here in the physical realm, or bow and proclaim it on the way to be Satan’s slave for eternity. Get ready! Your eternity awaits you and your eternity is sooner than you think. You are cursed with a curse.  You cannot tempt the Living God to sin, because this, never ends well…