Tea Party...Tea Party...But is the movement enough?

Not unless we start flushing….

At first I was very excited about the Tea Party movement.

I’ll explain why: since the late ’80s and early 90’s I have had this very sinking sick feeling.  This ‘feeling’ was that there had been laid such a foundation of Socialism within the Central Government (the Bureaucracies: EPA, DOE, FCC, you get the picture?) that could not be stopped unless the Legislators would stop funding or shut these monsters down and fire all.  And, finally, I could see that I was not alone.

I was not alone, as I had thought for many years that there were just more liberal thinking folks.  I hadn’t really met many, but there must be because they keep re-electing the same corrupt, power hungry incumbents.  Of course, my other thought was more sinister: our elections are frauds and there are those in control that have figured out how to game the voting system.  If that were true, we were lost forever to turn into a wonderful banana republic or worse.

Kudlow’s article and video blurb of his show ‘Santelli and Dobbs talk Tea Party Movement’ over on Big Government caught my attention because it tried to address the two schools of thought that exist within the party.  The Kudlow Show’s theme was the negative Tea Party message versus the optimistic message.  That there are the doom and gloom Tea Partiers.  Those that believe that we have lost our greatness.  Well folks, I guess I am an Armageddon type.  I have observed since 1960 (yes, I was 5 when I started watching politics) the decline of this once great Nation.  I have observed the at least 40 years of Democratic Party run government and infiltration within these Bureaucracies known as the Central Government.  We can call them the acronyms.

I have watched the States lose their sovereignty since 1970’s.  I have seen the slow creeping of over expansion of the network known as the Central Government.  I wanted to have the brakes put on this overreach; and, thought they were on (the brakes) when Reagan was elected President.  I believe Reagan was truly a great conservative.  Did he make mistakes, yes, and sad to say they were the ones that have come to the forefront and are festering today. Reagan wanted to shut down some of these unneeded acronyms (bureaucracies) and didn’t.  The Reagan administration gave us amnesty and no border control followed.

Even during the Reagan administration, I began to see that the Constitution had been put on a shelf; and, it didn’t look as though it was going to be brought down and dusted off.  That was 20 years ago.

But let us get back to the Tea Party Movement (I hate that word cause it congers up so many ill pictures…) and the negative doom and gloomers of the Tea Party.  I agree if this was 15 years ago or maybe even 10 years ago this Nation could turn things around in just two election cycles.  Two election cycles is not going to turn this Nation around.

We can elect all new congress persons and by 2012 have not one incumbent left.  That will not solve the problem.  We need to flush out these Bureaucracies of the ‘ideology’ of the progressives.  Everyone likes Chris Christi.  I admit he is doing a good job, yet, he is only scratching the surface for the ills of New Jersey.

On a larger scale, we need to elect at least a 2/3 majority of like minded legislators or Chris Christi’s.  We need to not just cut the budgets of the wasteful bureaucracies within the Central Government we need those Chris Christi’s that are not afraid to shut them down completely.    We need to stop funding whole bureaucracies.  When there are factions within these bureaucracies fighting against their very own fellow citizens liberties in ways that makes your brain freeze up and stop running.  (EPA, FCC, DOE just to acronym a few of these that have set themselves up as our rulers and we their fellow citizens merely their slaves.)

This is a civil war. And, only one side is fighting (just the bureaucrats coming to work and doing their job could be considered as fighting against their fellow citizens).  The fellow citizens have just been along for the ride not even fighting in this civil war.  Thinking well come next November things will change, and they haven’t changed.  And, all the casualties of the war are not the bureaucrats not a one, but the private sector.  Do you see where my ‘gloom’ or ‘Armageddon’ thoughts come from?  Do you see that I see that two election cycles is not going to flush this corruption and not  flush this lust for power out of the ‘System’?  It won’t, folks, and that is why you can call me a doom in gloomer, that is why I believe that the Tea Party Movement may have come a little late on the scene.

The biggest threat to our freedom is not just the incumbent, not just the progressives, not just the Big Unions and not just the Obama Administration.  The biggest threat to our freedoms and the biggest threat to this Nation’s turning things around is not in the White House, the Judicial branch and the Legislative branch, but in the unelected Bureaucrats that continue to enlarge their budgets and execute the regulations against their fellow citizens.  Those waging a civil war on the dumbfounded private sector who still has not realized they are in a civil war.  I see a silent and devastating war without bloodshed.

A civil war can be seen on the Gulf, no bloodshed just devastation. What Bureaucrat signed the refusal to override Louisiana’s approval of the BP oil rig at 500 feet and forced BP to the 5000 feet?  Who was he or she?  Where is he or she, now?  What punishment will they face for this? That person is just as much to blame, if not more so, as BP.  Will they be fired? Nope, afraid not.  They will continue on to wage the civil war they have been fighting.  Yet,  an energized Tea Party thinks it is going to change this?

Until we can turn this Party into an energized citizenry to wake up and fight against this civil war; and, cleanse the Central Government of some of its acronyms, we will continue to just be a movement and not a real change.  There will be no turning back to a powerful We the People governed Nation.  The Tea Party movement should be the ignition of the flame of change, cause movements well sometimes they stink and ya gotta start flushing.