Except budget cuts or watch your pensions cut...

A Politician says to Unions/Public sector employees take budget cuts or we’ll target pensions.  Kinda like Obama holding the border security hostage to get amnesty (well, unless he decides through his dictatorial and tyrannical thought processes to do an executive order…); and, no it isn’t Chris Christy.

Cameron , the British PM and a Progressive, has decided to use it as a bargaining tool, cause it looks like not just the Unions in Greece are getting mad, but over near London town the unrest is beginning over reductions in spending, too.  Now if Cameron a progressive understands the need for cuts do you think he can ingratiate himself to ObiewanabeEuropean and convince Obama that the US Government needs to stop the spending madness, too?  If you think so, well, you really, really, haven’t been paying attention to this Administration.  But, I digress….

This is just the most obvious, the proverbial big fat elephant sittin’ in your living room that you can’t miss even if you are blind, that only the willfully destructive would ignore. The willfully destructive would continue to increase not only the salaries but the number of public sector employees and have the audacity to call it an ‘economic’ revival.  I have long since crossed over the Obama is ignorant of economics to the he is willfully destructive and this is Obama’s intended outcome.  The intended outcome is to enslave the private sector to the public sector.  Enslave the taxpayer to the entitlement player .

All of this talk of Greece and the unions all across Europe up in arms about the cuts in spending and the raising of the retirement age to 61.  Yeah, 61, can you imagine? They are talking of raising the US to 67; and, barely a whimper.  France they are ready to riot.  They are rioting in Greece over cuts.  Looks like London town is potentially coming to a similar fate.   This has made me think of what would these same unions/public sector employees do if 1) their salaries were cut or 2) pensions were cut or 3) OMG.. some actually get laid off?  And, not 87 public sector employees but more like the private sector company with as many employees, say 10-20, 000?  What then? Would they get violent?  Well, you bet they would.

And, bloody violent, too.  Yeah, folks, unless we stop this spending we are in a mess.  Yet, if we stop the spending and actually do the prudent thing, well we could end up in a truly violent bloody civil war.

We are in a silent civil war now, destruction to our way of life being conducted by these public sector employees.  These Lords of the Bureaucracies are executing their rules and regulations on the private sector squeezing it to oblivion.  I can’t help but wonder what if we do; and, what will they do? These Lords of the Bureaucracies , will they stand silently by as we private sector employees have done for so many years? Or will they turn their silent civil war into a bloody one?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?