The Enemy Within

Is it by accident that we have an environment destroyed for decades; and, a Border with violence, not seen since the Alamo? Seriously, is this just all some negative cosmic aligning of the stars?

How could this Government, once run by Bush (you know the guy the liberals called the ‘most incompetent’ President ever), after his departure become 10x more incompetent? You know the Government that knows what is best for you. According to them the reason is: You are too stupid to know what is good for you. You know, the Government that was supposed to save us from ourselves? I am so glad that my Salvation comes from the Lord. No man/woman can provide me salvation; no, that does not come from mere mortals. Mere mortals run this Government.

I wondered just exactly what are or were their ‘marching orders’?

I wondered what was going on, when the Government kept interfering with the disaster recovery efforts on the Gulf instead of working with the local governments to recover from the disaster? I wondered what was going on, when the state of Arizona is attacked by its fellow US citizens encouraging boycotts to damage the already crushed economy of their fellow US citizens residing in that state. This sounds like willful destruction of this country, if you ask me.

Wouldn’t only the enemy want to destroy this country? I cannot see anything other than our enemy has control of the Government that rules our lives. This is what happens when Government becomes the giver of our education, our sustenance, our livelihood and our security! Government becomes your God. Whatever you place over all things and yourself, well honey, that becomes Your.. God. If you are looking to Government for any of those instead of yourself, Government is above you and Government must be your God.

What do you do when Your God becomes your enemy? And, what do you do when your enemy gets control? Well Government God can punish you for improper worship. Just what is that punishment? And just what is that improper worship? Anything Government God wants, honey, you are now Government’s Slave. Government gives you life and that life more abundantly…ooopps no that is a lie, you’re poor.

You see Gods are all powerful, they provide power to praise and to condemn. Government hand outs do not make you rich. Government Gods kill when they are not worshipped. Do the death tolls of Mao, Stalin or Lenin sound like Government God was punishing wrongful worship of its lowly slaves? It does to me.

We have ushered the God of Creation out of His proper role in ruling our lives and turned that role over to mere mortals.  Mortals whose goal it is to rule as over lords controlling or punishing every aspect of a person’s life (health, speech and worship). The enemy is within and woven a web of power, command and control that only a true God can and will turn back.

I hope that we can turn back the tide of this entrenched enemy in November. Turn government back to the servant and we the people back our power. I am on my knees before the God of Creation. Worshipping, praying and expecting my God to deliver me from my enemies.