Hey, 'Blonde Chick on Hannity'.....

Blonde Chick on Hannity….

I want to like you. I do. But, those liberal thoughts that keep coming out of your mouth tell me one thing and your eyes tell me another story. You know your arguments are weak, you know you are coming from the defensive position. You know your arguments are not popular. And, for good reason!

I cannot understand; what, is it about liberals?

Insisting we should agree with this policy or that policy because we fit into this group or we work for this organization. Is that the best argument you could come up with for your case tonight? I need to really take this in; cause, I thought that was the theme of your argument.  Ya, know be-cause some dude, some Fox News Commentator (or contributor or if you prefer talking head; yah, like the titles, too) should make me the listener fit want to fit in or are you trying to push me in the Box of Your Design? I am supposed to agree? Agree with this FoxDude: who is spewing ‘to continue policies’ of this administration?

I am not sure why any one would want to continue in these policies and continue to drool for the progressives/liberals/dems/leftist. Whatever box you ride in, that is not my problem.  I prefer no boxes, please.

When I think of the impact of these policies or classroom theories.  The Destruction that we are speeding towards; and, the brakes were not installed on this train, so it looks like we are not stopping.

The impact of the left’s (pick your own box) policies are destroying our way of life.  These policies turned into action continue to destroy the economy. The employment continues into the tank.  The oil continues to run. This bunch of thugs in WDC continue to hijack industry.  And, you think we are  going to give credence to the policies or theories that are destroying people’s lives, ’cause we fit into the FOX BOX?  Because, we are watchin’  Fox that we should give it more credence? Do we look that STUPID? I realize, you think, if we disagree, we are all just fringe fools without a 5th grade education.  

You must have us fit into some sort of special little box : color of skin, religion, left or right.

Your Argument, ‘Blonde Chick on Hannity’ (yeah, see: ‘Blonde Chick on Hannity’ , how it is to stereotype?) was to quote or align with Fox Commentator, and we watch FOX, we must fit in the FOX BOX (I hope FoxBox isn’t someone’s trade mark, cause I really like that).  And, so we should all feel the same way. Was that the basis or theme?  Was that your argument?  I wasn’t sure your motivation. I wasn’t sure if you were just throwing things up hoping something would stick. If you were just hoping to hit some magic button to make your statements factual, relevant, or just not a lie.  Yeah, well I don’t fit into the box.  That’s not how I ride.

If that was not your theme, well that was my understanding of your argument.

You don’t get the independents, ’cause..your..a democrat..I don’t expect you to truly understand ‘independent thought’.  See boxes are limiting aren’t they?

We the People, We are a different breed. We are truly independent thinkers. We observe, analyze and we come to our own conclusions. We don’t care if we fit into a particular group, skin color, religion or career. We want central Government to get out of our business, stay on their own side of the fence, and give the power back to the States. The States we want you to ‘Oppress the Central’ Government that is your intended function, now do it! That is We the People’s only protection from a tyrannical and oppressive central government.  We the People are demanding our Power back this fall, see you in November 2010.

Until, ‘Blonde Chick on Hannity’ , you can argue against that from any where but on the side of the People, your argument is rotten fruit.  You shall know them by their fruit.  Yep, not a truer word has been spoken.