McCain on Fox News Sunday

Sen McCain’s comments on today’s Fox News Sunday

I think he hit it right straight in the hearts and soul of the American People

Minimum wage – democrats promoted this bill because they have special interest attached to it that benefits their political agenda.

Offshore drilling = Dems will only vote on this with conditions ABCDs Gov Palin on National security issues – she doesn’t just have good a judgement, but great judgment. Remember she is the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. She visited her troops in the war zone to give her love and support. She was making sure that her troops made the difference, after all she is their Commander in Chief.

Gov Palin’s ability to lead. Make no mistake that women are tough. Don’t belittle her leadership as a Mayor because a strong and great leader will work from the bottom up. When I graduated from my internship, I was told that it would take 5-6 years to become a chief or be in a managerial position. I proved those people wrong. It only took me 3 years to become a chief and a manager. That’s because of my strength, tenacity and determination to succeed and produce a high quality service and product. Women are always underestimated. We must parallel ourselves to Gov Palin’s ability to lead.

*I can say that Gov Palin just showing us how we should create success in life and nation at large. HAVE AN UNCORRUPT HEART SO YOU CAN CREATE A RIGHTEOUS YOUTH SO THAT YOU CAN CREATE A RIGHTOUS COMMUNITY SO THAT YOU CAN CREATE A RIGHTEOUS STATE AND CREATE AN UNCORRUPT RIGHTEOUS NATION. Remember that corruption doesn’t start from a nation, it is rooted from the heart…. and Gov. Palin has proven that! Obama’s Patriotism – McCain didn’t belittle Obama on this issue. Instead he gave Obama that respect that is not given to McCain.

Jimmy Carter’s comments on McCain’s “milking” ability. McCain’s character was not born today. It was born in the prison camp. Can you milk with broken arm, bones and body? As usual Carter is wrong about anything. His past administration was put to shame by the Iranians.

Town Hall meeting invitation – Obama has consistently avoided a town hall meeting with McCain and yet, he promised McCain that he would? Oh, I know it’s because he couldn’t answer questions on issues without saying uhm, uh, uhm, uh, uhm because he couldn’t answer right straight from his heart, mind and soul like Senator John S. McCain. Obama speech at DNC was well rehearsed.