Kerry's Incompetence: Out of the Mouth of Madness

Comes a sensible sentence wedded to an insensible paragraph.

It appears that incompetence has its advantages. John Kerry who called Assad’s invitation to have UN inspectors come to the country after the gas attack, “too late to be credible” then offhandedly suggested two weeks later, within a wider rhetorical bluster, one including statements that any intervention would be “unbelievably small”, that the Syrian crises that Kerry created could be resolved by Syria turning over it’s chemical weapons to someone or something yet to be named, but that Assad “isn’t about to do that,” and so we should bomb them. The Russians caught this suggestion and, in brutally efficient Russian fashion, rendered a plan that would have the Syrians do just that, and all indications suggest that the Syrian regime is willing to assent, for the fear of the unmitigated might of an “unbelievably small” strike.

“Hard looks” are now to be taken at the Russian Foreign Minister’s plan. “That would be terrific,” said the white house Deputy National Security adviser, if the Assad regime were to relinquish its chemical weapons and do what Kerry said it was not about to do; but it doesn’t mean that we wont fire a spit wad at the embattled regime, “just to keep the pressure on.”

Kerry tried to save his long face. The Russian proposal, he said, was the result of continued U.S. Pressure. Apparently Kerry doesn’t understand that the Russian proposal would have never appeared if he hadn’t suggested it during a rambling and incoherent mess of a speech designed to advance a war aim. And if he had not rhetorically juggled three inconsistent sentiments at once, it would have never had happened, and the U.S. would be still on the path to striking a regime for an attack that the Obama administration has yet to prove was responsible for it.

Contrary to the concerns of unquestionably stupid pundits, the United States doesn’t look weak right now. Rather, we look like a folding, maniac, puerile and boisterous Khrushchev who very slyly led the world to a state of such tension and angst that he decided that his continued shoe slamming on UN tables was a check he was no longer able to cash. Khrushchev made a decision though, and it was coherent and consistent. Afterwards, the Politburo decided that Khrushchev was an embarrassment and plans were drawn up to have him killed, but instead Brezhnev showed up one day and told him very kindly that he was fired. The Obama administration, with Kerry at the helm of the USS Sinking State Department, a man juggling more thoughts than he has limbs to control them, made an embarrassing gaff, and one that may have saved the United States and the Middle east a considerable amount of bloodshed, a commodity which the region, ironically, is never in short supply.