His lies have cost him my vote

On NPR yesterday they played many politicians using the lipstick on a pig quote including McCain (about Hillary!) well actually about her health care plan. I want an HONEST PRESIDENT. I thought McCain was really different but over the last two weeks he has shown his true colors – the same old washington. I can’t take any more of this crap. I will either vote for a 3rd party candidate or go fishing but I can’t in good faith vote for him anymore. Have we all lost our morals just to vote for out side??? Come on – don’t any of you have a backbone? Can’t anyone get him to behave as he claims? He has stooped as low or lower than the Dems, claiming media bias. I want to win as much as anyone but lying is againt my religion – but clearly not his. And Sarah has followed his lead. She will have to explain her taking of the money for the bridge, what can she actually say that is honest? Are we really the party that the dems say we are? Cant we be bigger than this? Clearly not