Who is a Spokesperson for Conservative Women?

Yesterday there was a posting regarding Carrie Prejean and the release of her book.  The poster took Ms. Prejean to task on a variety of issues and said the she did not speak for the poster as a conservative woman.  This started me thinking about what a conservative woman is and who does speak for conservative women.

What or who is a conservative woman?  She is a woman of Faith whatever her religious background.  Developing her opinions from her own background and experiences, she is an independent thinker.  If she is married, she is a full partner in the marriage realizing that marriage is a mutual submission to each other to become one flesh.  If she is single and looking that is the kind of marriage that she wants.  Some of us are single and content as we are.  She is a mother, married or single, who loves her children and wants the best possible future for them.  She is a business woman who wants to succeed.  She doesn’t want government making decisions for her.  She is a good and loyal citizen who wants the best for our country.  She can be soft.  She can be tough.  She knows her strengths and weaknesses. It would take many more paragraphs to describe one conservative woman.  We women are complex beings who baffle men every day.  Each of us is a unique being. (Thank Goodness)

We don’t have just one spokesperson, we have many.  Some we agree with and some we don’t.  They are all from different walks of life and a variety of opinions, but they have conservative values.  We have posters here on Redstate, Mom2, Jaded, Penquin2, and Lori_Z (who also blogs).  We have bloggers like Conversion Diary, Sister Toldjah and Anchoress.  We have those who make targets of themselves such as Rep. Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Pamela Geller and all Luce Ladies.  None of these women are “cookie cutter” women.  They probably disagree on many subjects, but at the core they are conservative women.   We don’t necessarily need a spokesperson per se because as a whole we are a vocal lot, but I am thankful we have these women above representing us in all of our variety. 

Please add your thoughts I would like to hear them.