I am learning to be a Catholic and we are studying social justice.  I agree with much of it from the start which is why I am converting.  I try to help others and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.  I was brought up that way in as a Protestant Army brat.  I agree with the Church that war should be a last resort, but my idea of a last resort differs from theirs.  Diplomacy can only work when all parties are reasonable.  Extremists of any sort are not!

Mr. Obama wants us to empathize with the islamic extremists because they are poor and under educated.  Bull Puckey!!  They are not poor.  Maybe is some cases uneducated and weakminded.  He wants us to empathize with people who celebrated and rejoiced on 9/11.  He wants us to empathize with people who think that women are property with very little protection under their laws.  He ignores their crimes while aiding and abetting their PR efforts.  He is just unbelievable!

Yesterday there was a post regarding Texas leading the way.  Governor Perry strikes again!!  He is sending teams of Texas Rangers to the borders since the federal government has failed to control the violence.  I wish our President would get his nose out of the sky and look at what is going on around the world regarding islamic extremists!  Mr. Perry has gorverned Texas through some hard times and has had some very tough decisions to make.  Mr. Obama we want a leader not another lecture.

Obama wants Americans to empathize with people who have no empathy.  He has no empathy for Americans.  He is an empty husk of a human being!