Hang together and stand fight!

First of all I want to apologize for a double posting several comments.  It is one of my own pet peeves, but I promise I am only hitting the “post comment” button once.

      I haven’t posted many diaries during my time on Red State mostly because my opinions have been so eloquently expounded on and posted by others.  Also my dad keeps a notebook of any misspoken words or phrases and rereads them to everyone for entertainment at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.  So far I only have one or two entries and want to keep it that way, but this morning I read the post, “An American Call to Arms”.  Lorij is a wonderful addition to the Red State family.  She is so correct.  So many of us, myself included, stay silent under the fire of the PC police even as they tread on conservative ideas and thoughts.  The unique experiment that is the United States of America is priceless.  We need to support the USA with prayers, thoughts, voice (spoken & written) and vote. 

     I am always impressed with Michelle Malkin’s command and knowledge of the facts.  We all need to be as well armed.  We need to know the founding documents and thought leading to those documents.  We need to know the thought behind “Modern” conservatism.   Something I think would be beneficial at the grass roots level would be “book“ clubs.  We could meet monthly after reading part of a document, say the Preamble or one of the Amendments to the Constitution or even current articles & authors.  We could discuss our feelings and thoughts with each other as conservatives.  This would help us organize our thoughts in a relatively, friendly atmosphere.  I live in San Marcos, TX which should be a suburb of Austin, so it would be interesting to meet other conservatives in the area.

I love reading and I enjoy hearing other thoughts and ideas.  In addition to helping us organize our thoughts, we would be strengthening the grass roots through contacts and knowledge.

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