The foundation of joy is gratitude.  This said I was raised in the Church of Christ where biblical knowledge was prized and the focus was the Sunday sermon.  We were taught about the power of the Holy Spirit in past tense.  The knowledge of the Bible still serves me well on a daily basis now that I am mature enough in my life to realize that God has no boundaries and He can’t be put in a box.

               The New Testament reading Sunday was from Ephesians chapter 4.  One translation calls us to stop living in the “futility of the mind” or another translation the “empty headed” life of the gentiles.  As human beings, we like our boxes or territories. (Card carrying member of Control Freaks anonymous = me)  We can’t put Him in a box or put our Bible on the shelf and only to dust them off for on Sundays. While the Bible brings us His word, it is not Him.  While church buildings and homes can be destroyed, God can never be.  While he is grieved and saddened when seven of his children are martyred, his grief is for the harm done to their families and loved ones.  He also rejoices as they come home to him.

We as Christians need to preach His Word through the way we live or the loss of our brothers and sisters in Christ, now and throughout history, is for naught.  People are called to serve and use God’s gifts in many ways.  God has given us so many gifts I have a hard time listing them all.  A short list for me:

1)      The life, death & resurrection of His Son

2)      My life & family

3)      My brain to think and reason

4)      It’s a tie between chocolate and a/c (Live in Austin, TX)

Even with the world going insane we have so much we must remember to be grateful these gifts and try to discern how we are call to use them.  I believe if we keep being grateful and keep that gratitude in the forefront of our thoughts, it will give us the joy and sanity to sustain us through any of the world’s craziness and any daily occurance.