I'm not sure if this belongs in the diaries, but I needed to vent.

     Last year at the Republican Convention we were introduced to a young man who on the surface seemed like an all american boy.  He had gotten his girlfriend into trouble, but he and his girlfriend made the decision to go ahead with the pregnancy, keep the baby and get married.  They knew it would be hard, but Bristol knew her parents loved her and would back her 100%.  It looks like she made the same assumption about the boy.

     I could revert to military mouth, but that would not be appropriate.  The poor boy just wasn’t raised right.  Bless his little (and I mean little) heart.  There are many real, adult men that post here that could help educate him properly.  Mailoux comes to mind first, but many here have shown the value they place on commitment, loyalty and marriage.  This boy has none! 

People have wondered why more women are waiting till later in life to get married this selfish, little boy is a prime example.  Todd Palin must have the patience of Job and huge dental bills from gritting his teeth and not punching the turkey.  Over all the lack of respect toward Bristol and her family is heart wrenching, but Bristol was blessed to have found out about him prior to marriage.   

Please, people who are brave enough to be parents, raise your children to respect and honor others, to be loyal, loving spouses if they find their mate.  Maybe, Mailoux and his wife, Mom2, Janis and Eric could author a Red State book or column on relationships. 

Thank you for letting me vent.