A Small Peak Inside the Texas Numbers

I just wanted to point out a couple of interesting tidbits I picked up digging into the delegate tally  for Texas. With 3 delegates up for grabs in 36 Representative Districts, 34 of those districts gave Cruz 2 delegates to Trump’s 1. In the other 2 districts (1 & 29), Cruz picked up all 3.

District 1 is East Texas, (Representative Louie Gohmert won his race last night with close to 82% of the vote). As a native Texan, I had assumed that, if Trump would do well anywhere, it would be Piney Woods East Texas! Guess I stereotyped a little too much – my apologies to my RS friends in District 1 – I won’t make that mistake again and THANK YOU!.

More interesting is District 29, a heavily Democratic district in Harris County (Houston). For those of you not familiar with District 29, it is heavily Hispanic and was drawn to allow for a Hispanic Representative but has always had a white Democrat, Gene Green, as their Representative. He had a Hispanic opponent in his race last night – former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia who quit the sheriff’s office in a badly failed bid for Houston Mayor. Green won with just under 58% of the vote.  In this district, Cruz took 50% of the vote (giving him all the delegates), with Trump at almost 25% and Rubio at almost 17%. Voter turnout was almost 2 – 1 (Dem – Rep). Who says we can’t have success among Hispanics, even with a strong stand against illegal immigration policy?

This is my first diary entry here at RS; have been commenting a bit and toying with writing an entry.  I am looking forward to visiting with my fellow conservatives.   #NEVER TRUMP