2014 Primaries

Currently as a student in a community college because I lack the background education employers require for the fields I have the most experience in. Going back to school after 40 can be intimidating and invigorating. My fear over obamanation and Ameritopia is very motivating. For me it will not be manipulative.

There are many topics to ponder over before the next set of primaries. I do believe there will be some 2013 races to follow for several state and city races.
For states, election law like voter ID and over-site rules should be a major concern. I know there will be jurisdictions like in Ohio and Philly that will forever report 110%-400% voter turnout without any mistakes or opposition votes cast. One area of Florida election law may require some reforms for over-site to prevent rail-esk overturning like Allen West was subjected to.
Also the state and county level positions for election management and that would be the SOS or AG for the several states as well as county clerk or other supervisory position. If we think there are crooks in some of these offices we need to overturn the races first in the primary and preferably the general.
2014 Primaries as titled. We need someone local to help in the recruiting and promotion of candidates for several Senate and Representative districts. This has been a Tea-Party and conservative activist role for the past 4 years.
I have followed politics local and national for the past 10 years. 90% of dem voters believe the media. Exhausted from all of it.
I will not stop and everyone around me will learn in some measure why this world is gone crazy. This smaller america is what the dems are truly about.