Death of a Martyr Doesn't End a War...

Overnight parties and celebrations have erupted in not only the Western World, but in Europe as well, with the notification that Usama bin Laden has been killed by American Troops.  Of course, our self-efficating President, Barack Obama, had to get his two cents in as being the mastermind behind the killing… a man with no military experience, who seems “bored” in military briefings, and who condemned GW Bush as being bloodthirsty, now has a new launching slogan for his 2012 campaign – Got bin Laden?

Killing bin Laden does nothing to A) end a war, B) foresee the end of a war, or C) stop Al Qaeda’s quest for domination of the Western World. You see, it doesn’t matter if you call them the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Radical Muslims, bin Laden Followers, bin Laden Supporters, or just Damned Terrorists – bin Laden still wins. That’s right – he wins. His legacy has had 10 years to fester and has many more years of funding.

In a religion where gratification only comes from killing, that blood lust will continue and now they have a new purpose, New Resolve.  The Revenge of Usama bin Laden.

In 10 years we have failed to stop his funding sources and so they grew.  In 10 years, we have failed to stop their recruitment and camps and so they’ve grown. In 10 years, we have not built more refineries, expanded our own natural resource extraction plan, or developed usable energy sources and so today, much like 10 years ago, we are funding the war against ourselves by buying and trading with the Middle East – countries who support, fund, and encourage this war from an opposite stand point.

Usama bin Laden’s death does not bring back one of ours.  His death will not stop the future deaths of any of our soldiers. His death will not bring home our soldiers or stop a war with no winnable end point.

That’s right – we have NO winnable end point.

All great military strategists are good at one game, Chess. Chess is a game of war where you have a definite biginning and a definite end. We failed here in defining a winnable end.

Nine years ago, getting Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden were definative ends.  Seven years ago, they were definative ends.  But today – it is irrelevent.  Our calculations for winning didn’t allow for a 10 year war with 500%+ growth on the opposing sides, complete infiltration of not only the United States, but Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Africa as well.  Only Australia remains untouched by Radical Islam and that is because of their very strict immigration and work policies. There is no door.

We have a President helping bin Laden even today with his stance on Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia. It is WELL DOCUMENTED that the rebels wanting freedom in these countries are Al-Qaeda driven and we have lent our missiles to help their plight.  Does that end a war?  Did Obama trade U.S. Missiles on Libya for bin Laden?

How do we declare a win on a religious war that goes back to Isaac and Ishmael, over 6000 years of turmoil and strife, with the kill of one man – a man more powerful as a martyr than as a man? You don’t.