Obama, China President Hu Share Intimate White House Dinner

 And here is their conversation:

 Barack Obama (BO): Welcome to the White House my dear friend.

 Dictator Hu Jintao (HJ): Thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to see my investment.

 BO: You have long been an Idol of mine.  You and your predecessors.  I hope to learn much from this meeting.

 HJ: Thank you.  Your progressive mind is just not yet appreciated.

 BO: Yes.  I feel that.  I am trying so hard to make changes and show Americans that they can be as successful as China. As prosperous.  But – they just can’t see the vision I have.

 HJ: Oh, your problem is that you need a military force that intimidates – puts your citizens in line.  Your people do not fear your power. Now look – your country needs to idolize my people and we will make sure they do.

 BO: My power?

 HJ:  You are the president of the United States – the most powerful man in the world. The problem is that you don’t show it enough and use that power here.

 BO: HMMM.  I guess you’re right. It’s Congress.  I need more support. I need them to see and feel my vision.

 HJ: I don’t have a Congress. I have a team of people who do what I say. They see what I tell them to see and have no feelings.

 BO: But what about the Constitution? People have rights here.

 HJ: No, No, No! There are no rights other than what we give people.  No church, no free speech, and my military force backs me 100%. You need to have your own military force, prisons with rats, and some public executions. 

 BO: I don’t know.  I just think I can help the people see it legislatively… I mean – we did pass Health Care, a stimulus, and we’ve been able to keep people on welfare and unemployment fairly successfully.  We only need 2-3% more to be in line with unemployment for a socialist country.

 HJ: And your people hate you.  Take away everything first, use force, kill a few dozen people and then – only then – give back slowly.  The state is everything – the people need to depend on you. Then you are the hero.

 BO:  People would call me Hitler. They don’t understand what Hitler was trying to accomplish.

 HJ: Listen here you sniveling wimp – either do or do not.  It doesn’t matter who they put in this office – thanks to you, the U.S. will belong to China for a long, long time. If you don’t have the balls I will find someone who does.

BO: Oh, my great inspiration, please don’t think ill of me.  I will do.  I will make swift changes – even more-so – I will find a way.

They embrace as brothers and retire to the library for a public reading of Karl Marx’s writings.