The Alamo, Twin Towers and a Dead Document

So last night my son talked me into watching “The Alamo” – John Wayne version. He wants to know why people say “Remember the Alamo” when the Alamo was a lost battle. In Texas, all 7th graders take the History of Texas and they start in the 1500’s, so right now he’s still back there with LaSalle, but they flip ahead to make it exciting and talk about how Texas became a country. 

The whole purpose of the Battle of the Alamo was to give Sam Houston a couple of weeks to get his troops assembled and weaponized to battle against the great Generalissimo Santa Anna.


Texians wanted to be free, to no longer live under the rule of Mexico, and would have to defeat one of the greatest armies of its day to do it. With just a handful of men from three different factions, including Davey Crockett and his 65 men from Tennessee, there was a 13 day “war” where less than 300 people tried to buy time for General Sam Houston against thousands of Santa Anna’s troops.  


It took Santa Anna less than two hours in full attack mode to defeat the Alamo and kill every Texian within its walls.


You see, the soldiers and militia of men inside those walls knew they were going to die. They knew they were out numbered 10 to 1. William Travis, Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett, and all of their men willingly died because they believed that their deaths would be worth the greater good. Their fight would give Sam Houston what he needed to succeed and beat Santa Anna a mere six weeks later and the Republic of Texas was created. 


Its own country, the Republic of Texas, had no real military, just militia, men with dreams who wanted to live free. They were from places like Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and other places along the southeast. Some were true Texans, men like Juan Seguin who, even as a governor for Mexico, assisted the Texians.


Now we have modern day America, where Texas has become a state within the framework of the United States, because as a state, they are under the prevue of protection of the great military forces of the United States.  The United States federal government has a mission to build an infrastructure, build military forces, and protect their borders, while ensuring that ALL Americans are not only guaranteed their individual rights and freedoms, but that they have the right to protect themselves.


Slowly but surely, those rights have eroded.


  • If a burglar breaks into your house and you shoot him, he or his family can sue you for excessive force.
  • If you have a ranch and put up fences and people cross your fence line, you can do nothing to protect your herd, family, belongings, or property.
  • You apply for a job and are completely qualified but are not a good candidate because they have a quota to fill which puts someone less qualified into that position.  We call it reverse discrimination, but now it’s called equality.
  • Being an American, you have the right to exercise Free Speech.  Exercise free speech and you can lose your job, scholarship, program of study, and be ostracized for not being “politically correct”.


The erosion of rights and the failure of our Federal Government to due their job diligently:  September 11th and the swift action by invaders is proof of that. 


But you see – there are still Americans willing to give all for their country – to ensure that their country will exist to the framework guaranteed by the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


After every disaster, they are there.  After every infraction, they go back to work. They are preparing their families and teaching their children to be prepared for hell that accompanies every “great” empire that falls. They still believe in “We the People”.


The Constitution, the gift from God to be an individual and have free will, this country – this unique and amazing country – is under attack because of our lack of knowledge and respect for the rules we should have enforced but didn’t.


This week is Constitution Week.  It is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Would you die to protect your country? Would you give up the mini-mansion and “things” to take up arms and protect your country? Would you, like those men at the Alamo, lay your life down if you knew it would make your children free, restrict the Federal Government back to what was intended it to be, and give the State back the power to govern through real local votes? If you are an American and refuse to teach your children their rights and you refuse to stand up for freedom, then the Constitution becomes a dead document and this country goes with it.