Adolf, Barack, Panache, and Puppets

This comparison will feature Obama as Hitler – except Hitler was much more the genius. Hitler had no teleprompter, no speech writers, and no pre-determined group to elevate to levels of power in his government.  He was a loner who hated and despised success of those “rich”.  He spent his days with eloquent speech in the parks and bars just talking to the angry who would listen.  I don’t think Hitler ever thought his rise would be so swift and quick – and had circumstances been any different in any other way in Germany at that time, he would have simply been a lunatic in the park or in the bars and basements trying to get the unemployed and laborers to riot.  He would have been arrested for incitement of “treason” against the country.


Conditions were ripe. Germany’s failure in World War I, their economic conditions were severely sloped, unemployment was over 30%, and there was a short, angry, well educated, young man with no fear of speaking before people who had read a book by Anton Drexler which conveyed the idea of one strong government enabled by the working of its people, well, people of non-Jewish heritage.  They were to be removed.  This combination, along with Hitler’s mental health issues of psychotic narcissism and ideas of grandioso made him into an absolutely unstoppable force and had he had the restraint to be satisfied with Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bavaria and perhaps Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and maybe some other smaller countries, he would have been much more successful with his other agendas. His IQ was pegged between 124 – 143, with most believing 135 – 145.


Hitler’s major success was the hearts of man – winning the hearts of men. When you have the ability to encourage people to leave their hearts at the floor of a demolished church, re-educate the young, and say “Government is your God” you have done an amazing thing. You have taken what the soul knows to be truth and replaced it with the promise of something the world can never deliver.


So – how does Barack Hussein Obama compare to Hitler?  He actually doesn’t except in agenda and mental health.


Obama does not have the genius to do anything alone.  He is a puppet for the puppet master in Bill Ayers, simply someone who looks good in a suit, not too black and not too white, not too Muslim or a Christian. He is not too American nor is he too African, Indonesian, or anything else. He has no sense of patriotism, something Hitler did have, nor a sense of hard work for accomplishments. Through all of Obama’s failures, there was ALWAYS some one in a group to pick him back up, brush him off, and monetarily make a puppet, where at that one right time in history, they could try to take over.  That time is now.


Obama’s IQ, based on the his personality, crutches (teleprompter, inability to speak or deliver spur of the moment answers, and his self loathing – belonging to a white hating church and married to a woman whose thesis was based on white hate), along with his difficulties in school and college peg him at between 100-117 with reliable university sources stating it is 116. Clearly average.  Liberal press and PR have tried relentlessly to tell the American people he is a genius, as well, at 145-165 – but face it, Obama does not have the brains or the panache to pull it off.


Because Obama has that one same mental health flaw of Hitler, narcissism, he makes a GREAT puppet with his lack of IQ, whereas Hitler could have never been satisfied with the role of puppet – he was the puppet master.


Canadian Free Press on Obama:

“Narcissists don’t have access to normal empathy; thus they don’t experience guilt and shame the way the rest of us do.  Some narcissists learn to mimic normal human emotions. Clinton is the master of this; he claimed to feel our pain, and plenty of Americans believed him.  Clinton learned how to win people over with his pseudo empathy.  Obama has yet to demonstrate anything we could call true empathy; irrespective of the words he uses, there is no real emotional content. What Obama does do, however, is manipulate others into feeling guilty for America’s perceived sins.”


They continue: ”It’s not a coincidence that many domestic abusers are narcissists:

Product of Harvard and Columbia Universities, President Barack Obama declared his desire to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America.’ But why? An emotionally stable man in love with a woman does not wish to ‘fundamentally transform’ her. Yet our President would have us believe that when the object of his love is his country, he has license to remake his loved one into something he’d really love—really.”

As Carl Vogel said:  “The beauty of being a narcissist is that even when disaster stares you in the face, you feel neither doubt no remorse.” 


Can we not say that over the past 22 month this is an accurate reflection of Obama?


Everyone keeps saying “wait until November” but the battle for our country, even if a politic party tide changes in November will not be won and lost in an election… it has to be won and lost by the people.  Our country and our way of life, as a Republic, a Nation, united cannot be united if the fundamental aspects of our way of life are not protected. Only we, as people, a group of citizens banning together, believing in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, believing we have the right to freedom and not a large overbearing government who controls our health, our earnings, our dreams, our ideas, and people – being free means being free to succeed and to fail. It means working hard for that success and that there are real consequences in life.


  • It concerns me that Obama has a pseudo-czarists government.


  • It concerns me that Obama has a pseudo army filled with young angry black men who chose personal failure and a slew of undocumented people from Muslim counties within our country that would fight for him.


  • It concerns me that there are so many “so-called” Christians in churches who stand by a man who has done everything to prove he is not a Christian and does not follow a Biblical doctrine, nor does he display character and wisdom.


  • It concerns me that people in this country knew he belonged for 20 years to an anti-America, white hating church that called themselves Christians and pledged their allegiance to Africa before America or God and overlooked it.


  • It concerns me that they know as Senator Obama, he helped fund a “death room” for live babies born from late term abortions.  Babies who took a breath, cried for food, cried for love and were placed on shelves in a closet and nurses told NOT to hold or feed them.


  • It concerns me that people would let a government take command of their health. If you are sick, born with disabilities, get too old and have ailments, have children with an incurable disease – they are liabilities – budget cuts, not people, living breathing with rights.


  • It concerns me that a president would tell other countries how ashamed he is of our military history to other countries, many of whom would no longer exist had we not been involved at one time or another – Afghanistan included.


  • It concerns me when Obama’s lackeys use words like “Re-education” so that Americans can be more receptive of his agenda.


So – sorry – November is just a step.  It’s not a win of a war on socialism.  It is not a victory in the sense of saving our fundamental rights to exist as a free country. It will not seal our borders nor deport non-citizens. November is not victory – but it is a necessary win of a battle.


So vote. Vote your conscious.  Vote for your God given right to free will. Vote for your God given right to be an individual. Vote for your God given right to choose your destiny through success or failure.  Vote to make every drop of soldiers blood every spilled in protection of this country to have been worth it.