Can We Scream Rape?

Can We Scream Rape?


I was reading an article from Rasmussen Reports which attributed that only 23% of Americans consent to the current government administrations way of governing. This article further pointed out that the United States was set up where the government can only be given power by the governed and must comply with only what is contented upon by the people.


When I think about consent, immediately what comes to mind is rape.  Rape is a topic that over the past 30 years has been drilled into our lives on many different levels and defined as broad or specific as need be to prosecute the offender.


Women can go to a hotel room at 2 am, provocatively dressed, entice a man into craziness and then say NO and anything after that is considered rape. Why?  We have a law that anything after that NO is force and without consent.


When a land developer purchases a tract of land, gets all of the licensing and permits necessary to develop that land and actually does what he intended, liberal environmentalists will call it rape. Even though this instance has no criminal aspect – rape has been used as description based on opinion of improper treatment of land.


Sections of a city go from being livable, viable areas to dangerous, gang-ridden, high crime areas and we say that part of the city has been raped. Again, not one act can be defined as cause but rape is the descriptor of the violation.


An uncontrolled wildfire caused by lightning can be considered raping the land. What we would call an “act of God”, but yet again descriptive of an act of force where we have not consented and yet there has been violation.




  1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
  2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
  3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.


In each case above rape is definable – even if just opinion – it can be understood.


My question:  When can the American citizens scream rape?


Rapev. (raped, raping, rapes)

  1. To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.
  2. To seize and carry off by force.
  3. To plunder or pillage.


We have an administration who has, by their choice and not the choice of the people, committed acts against the American people which do fit the definition of rape – a felonious crime punishable by law.

The Stimulus Act – a redistribution of funds, which cannot be traced or accounted, taken as a loan that the American citizens will have re-pay.  It was passed on a Thursday night/Friday morning at 3am containing over 1200 pages of unread text where those voting had less than 24 hours to review. The first act committed against our will which forces a seizing of by force property – even if the seizure is a slow futuristic process.

Obamacare – over a years worth of debate and failing legislation passed in haste against with backroom deals, threats from the President, and without the consent of 67% of the American constituency that this was good solid legislation and not a further redistribution of worker’s paychecks. This legislation was over 2300 pages with hidden innuendo and verbiage which has spurred more “bills” to “fix” because it was unread and misunderstood. It allows the forcing of government into our decision making capabilities, forces redistribution of funds, and allows the complete rape of parental rights when it comes to the raising of our children.

The Wall Street Bill is an attempt by the government to forcibly control banking and business operations by overregulation.  Where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence define the United States as a country based on a free market, the current administration is making the pillaging and control of business legal. They will be handcuffing capitalism and when you take free market out of a free market society, you have forced socialism – rape of a government system and the people of that system.

Immigration, a hot topic based on the huge crime rates of Mexico bordering states peaking with the killing of a beloved rancher. Although I cannot blame the current administration for this issue, I can blame them for refusing to act when 70% of United States citizens have said “Lock the borders”. This administration is much like the group of people in New York City who heard a woman screaming for help in the alley as she was assaulted and CHOOSE to not act as she is raped and murdered. They then blame those who do act as needing to stay out of other people’s business.

I can with all honesty and integrity state that in my opinion we need to protect our borders and force the deportation of people here illegally.  The act of allowing open borders has caused the rape and pillage of our country. I do believe that every single President still living for the past 30 years are guilty and should be brought up on charges of allowing the violation, assault, and pillage of our country.

When you have reports coming out that the Hamas and Hezbollah are financially supporting Mexican cartels and the Mexican cartels are smuggling terrorists in – that alone should make you scream rape! 

This administration has proposed two more bills to further rape our country which taxpaying voters do not want: the Jobs Bill and Media Bill.

If the Stimulus Bill was suppose to save millions of jobs and yet unemployment is 4% more than when the Stimulus Bill was passed, how successful was the initial rape and pillage of our people?  The proposed Jobs Bill further allows the government to spend what it does not have and allows the financial rape of American citizens with no tangible measure of success.

The Media Bill will force taxpayers to fund media outlets through the federal government much like Hitler gained control over media in 1933/1934 Germany.  The Media Bill would force people to pay a subsidy so that the current administration could “bail out” print media which has seen a drastic decline in sales for many reasons such as their support of the current administration, support of terrorism, or lack of quality journalism. Furthermore, it would allow the administration to set boundaries on what the newly controlled media could and should print – a complete violation of Free Speech and a rape of our Bill of Rights.

Americans – wake up and scream RAPE.  Get involved, use your voice, and get in the business of protecting yourself and your families because this is no JOKE.  This is not an experiment.  This is a take over – a forced coup where every single vote, every single voice, and every single act counts.