Wanted Dead or Alive: TRUTH

“I say everyone get used to walking around naked … and telling the truth all the time!”



I am one of those fortunate souls that really have friends everywhere.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and what you see is what you get.  I do not need your approval to be who I am or what I believe. I know wisdom, reason, and individuality. I know my heart and I know truth.


This past week, we have seen more scandals revolving around the White House, Barack Obama, and his action or lack of action.  Obama accuses everyone else of lying to make himself look better – however – those he is challenging are without blemish, whereas Obama makes lying a national pastime.


Last night Lou Dobbs, the former CNN commentator who was asked to step away as being too conservative for CNN, stated on another network that Barack Obama is making big leaps with his lies and actions because he is challenging men who are without scandal. He was speaking of recent incidents with Senator John Kyl and General Stanley McChrystal.


Last week, Senator Kyl had a meeting with Obama over SB1070 – the Arizona Immigration Bill – which gives Arizona and the law enforcement officers the ability to detain and turn over for deportation illegal trespassers into the United States. During this meeting, Senator Kyl stated that Obama refused to discuss sealing borders or federal help to stop illegal trespassers until Arizona backed down and overturned the Bill.


The White House came out and said that Senator Kyl was lying. They implied that Obama never made such a “bribe” – which is exactly what this is!


Lou Dobbs compared the two men and I think I should continue that comparison:


Senator John Kyl

President Barack Obama

  • Successfully represented his constituency since being elected
  • Votes consistently with his constituency
  • Has taken his job as Senator to a next level of representing all Americans and not just Arizonans
  • Effective policy writer
  • Fights for accountability on Fed Government Financial Spending
  • Fights for Human Rights and American Rights.
  • Has never been caught in a lie involving his job
  • Has never represented his constituency
  • Bribes, makes back door deals, and threatens to create situations for legislators to vote opposite of the American majority
  • Sees illegal trespassers as future voters – not felons, violent offenders, or drug smugglers
  • Does not care about sealing borders, protecting Americans, or their property
  • Has no responsibility or accountability
  • Lies daily… in fact if he says something just expect the opposite


So who do you believe?


The second incident involved General Stanley McChrystal.  General McChrystal has an impeccable record, is an advocate for his troops, and has managed thousands of troops successfully in a foreign war theatre.


General McChrystal gave an interview and during that interview, both he and his assistants were asked for comments regarding Obama’s effectiveness as Commander in Chief.  What was so controversial about his interview?

  • Jokes about Biden’s inability to hold his tongue
  • States he voted for Obama hoping for Change we could believe in…
  • States his first impression when meeting Obama was that Obama was getting in a 10 minute photo-op (Obama is known for staging photo-ops much like he is for his lack of truth telling.)
  • States that Obama – in that first meeting  – seemed pretty uninterested in the war
  • Later, McChrystal has to use the media to get to Obama to get more troops for Afghanistan as Obama doesn’t want to deal with the war
  • McChrystal makes remarks about the ineffectiveness of the “Special representative to Afghanistan” Holbrooke and the Ambassador Eikenberry
  • Said most of what Obama says about the war is rhetoric – no real facts


McChrystal implies that Obama is too busy with his domestic reshaping of policy to actually do his job and is intimided by “the Brass’, the Generals and DOD leaders.


Are any of these things said lies? Did General McChrystal cross the line come out and say Obama is a wussy when it comes to being CIC? Does a General who actually cares about his troops deserve to lose his job because a man who should have thick skin has the skin of an onion?


Let me tell you why Obama is so threatened by these two men:

  • Obama is incapable of doing his job
  • Obama would rather “create” his job rather than do what is constitutionally demanded of him
  • Obama fears independent people who believe in accountability and responsibility
  • Obama fears the truth