The Real America Haters

In the past few months, I have been called an America Hater.

Me. A Constitutionalist who thought our government history and policy so important that I devoted several years of my life studying our Founding Fathers, American history, and government.

Me. A child of the Marines, Navy and Army – who grew up reciting “God, Country, Family”.

Me. An offspring of immigrants who fought, toiled, and lived their American dream to show me and my generation that it could be done.

Me. A voter every time there is an election and has since attaining the privilege at 18.

Why? I believe:

  • In fiscal accountability and responsibility
  • In limited immigration and deporting illegal immigrants
  • In tightly secured borders
  • In limited federal government
  • If you are allowed to immigrate here, learn the language
  • That fences make great neighbors
  • That elected officials have a duty to vote their constituency
  • That homosexuals deserve no special rights
  • That abortion is depleting our population into reliance on other countries
  • That the federal government should have no direct role in education, health care, religion, promotion of sexuality, or free enterprise
  • That global warming is a bunch of garbage
  • That the Constitution is NOT a living document and the Founding Fathers created the Supreme Court to protect it’s integrity
  • In right and wrong
  • In God

I believe that the President of the United States should uphold the Constitution, be an example and limit his powers to the Constitution, and put the interests of America and Americans before those of people in any other country.

The real America Haters:

FDR – Who had no faith in the individualism of man and their propensity to fight to survive and instituted welfare.

JFK – He was a wimp. He had no backbone and thank God his advisers did. His only redeeming trait was his support of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesse Jackson – Used welfare as a bribery tool against the U.S. government to stop riots in L.A. in the 1970’s. He has led two generations of black Americans down a path of reliance instead of self-reliance. Furthermore, he promoted abortion with black Americans where over 16 million women have had abortions estimating in 52 million missing lives. (Alan Guttmacher Institute)

Jimmy Carter – Another wimp. As president, he widened concessions for welfare, showed fear to the muslims, Russians, and Koreans. He wants amnesty for any wishing to come to America at the cost of the working class in America equaling more welfare, and hates the death penalty. However – he did support H.B.3200 (Obama’s original health care draft) which allowed Ezekiel Emanuel to include limited health services to people over 40, even more restrictive health care for people over 55, and the creation of “death panels” – or a health care board to help you choose how to best not become a burden to your family after 55.

The Emanuel Brothers – One wants you to work your butt off and give more than the $52 Trillion you’ve given to welfare over the past 30 years and the other wants you to die when you can no longer work so that you don’t cause a financial strain on the young.

Planned Parenthood – As we saw in the weeks preceding the Super Bowl, Planned Parenthood was all in a tizzy over an ad they had not even seen. This ad featured Tim Tebow and his mother, a woman who made the decision to have her son even though doctors believed he would be born with severe birth defects. Planned Parenthood has forgotten that even under Roe v. Wade, “choice” does include the choice to keep your baby. In Texas, they are fighting against the mandatory sonogram where a mother will get to see her baby and hear the heartbeat before making a “choice” – why? because many more will choose the baby and they will lose revenue. Planned Parenthood is a conglomeration of America Haters; destroying doctors, lawyers, writers, scientists, 7-11 workers, produce stockers, mechanics, soldiers, teachers, etc. and leaving us dependant on foreign workers.

Americans who do not appreciate their rights and are willing to sell them out for a government to provide for them are America Haters. Some lessons never get learned – big government equals less freedom. You don’t have to believe me, take a look at Germany years 1933-1945, Russia 1917-1990, China 1960-present, Cuba 1960-present. Take a look at many EU countries where you are told in high school what you will be based on a test, your health care is dependant on openings in a national datebook, and you are taxed at 51% or higher to provide for the 17% out of work adults.

All current Congressmen and Senators – who continually to vote on legislation that they have absolutely no way of reading or understanding the bills before they vote. They are the worst America haters of them all. WHY? They are elected to represent the people and instead refuse and make their “front” room deals destroying our country right before our eyes.

Barack Hussein Obama – as President he is a complete failure. He has placed the needs and wants of other countries above our own, decreased food, energy, and goods production in the U.S. to make us more dependant on foreign countries (he calls it creating relations), is against free enterprise, free thought, and freedom, and he really thinks a government, hiring warm bodies and not “the cream of the crop”, that provides your medical, dental, long term health care, jobs, etc. is better than capitalism and competition. Last fall, when trying to get his health care plan passed in the middle of the deep dark night much like the stimulus flub of the spring, he even pulled a Hitler and asked you to “report” people speaking against his mighty plan. Obama is a definite America Hater. Obama and people who blindly follow him belong in countries such as China, Cuba, parts of Europe, but not here.

America is not made for the weak – but made for those willing to work hard to achieve their goals. It is made for the individual who understands the basic concepts of business: I work. I get paid. I buy what I need. Then, I buy what I want. America is made for those willing to fight and spill their blood to keep it strong and safe. America should be a country that produces what our people need first and the leftovers dispersed as needed – not the other way around. America has the right to secure it’s borders, prosecute it’s criminals, and deport anyone we want and we shouldn’t need global permission to do so.

Do I sound Xenophobic? GOOD! I am. I am an American.