Terry Goddard: Traitor to All Arizonans

Terry Goddard, the man seeking to represent Arizona for the next four years, has chosen to not represent Arizona today.


You see, Mr. Goddard is a Democrat and a Liberal.  He is an Obama supporter and puts those labels before that of Attorney General of Arizona, the legal protector of the state.  If he is willing to shun his job because of his hope at seeking favoritism with Barack Obama, what else is he, supposedly a man of honesty and integrity, willing to do under the label of Governor?


SB1070 is not a controversial law. SB1070 has a 70% support rate in a state that is more than 30% Hispanic.  SB1070 has a 70% support rate in a state that is more than 43% not Caucasian.


This, like criticism of Obama, is not a “race” thing. This is a survival thing.


Arizona boasts several new titles:

  • Capital of Kidnappings
  • Capital of Drug Smuggling
  • Capital of Human Trafficking
  • Capital of Gun Shot Wounds (Baltimore was happy to give that up)
  • Capital of Illegal Trespassing Felons
  • Capital of Most Spent for Illegal Trespassers in: Law, Healthcare, Education, and Victim Services


Terry Goddard is a career politician, in and out of offices since 1982.  He is not what we need more of – back room deals and a hate for his own constituency.


When Obamacare was passed and Arizona decided to join the states opposing this legislation, Terry Goddard refused as Attorney General even though the elected State Representatives and Senators heard from their constituency to oppose it.   


Terry Goddard is a traitor.  He is a man more faithful to an anti-American president and that president’s socialist policies than to his state constituency… the voices of the people who want Arizona borders protected, its people protected, and it’s cities cleaned up. Terry Goddard is afraid to stand against Obama because it would mean slitting his own throat in the Democratic Party, so he throws a whole state under the proverbial bus.


Don’t vote Goddard in 2010.  He’s not voting for you.