When Race has Nothing To Do With The IssueEvery single day since Obama received the nomination to represent the Democratic party with regard to the office of President, there have been remarks that those who do not “support” him are racists.

It has happened at every level since.
If you attend a Tea Party, you are racists.
It doesn’t matter that the attendees of the Tea Parties are all colors, all races, all levels of education, all different types of American workers, retirees, and even the unemployed. David Axelrod thinks that the Million people who attended Tea Parties this past weekend are NOT a true reflection of Americans.

If you are against a communist/socialist/fascist takeover of our health care, banking, manufacturing or even more-so over education, you are a racist.
It doesn’t matter that you understand why Bush had to bail out the banks. That when Clinton forced banks to give loans to people who could not afford them, it was a presidential mandate, meaning that no matter who became President, if the program failed, that President would be at fault to bail the banks out. Any manufacturer, including cars, who were failing deserved to fail. Example of the car industries stupidity – there are 14 different versions of my truck. WHY? There are 10-17 different versions of most vehicles made today. That costs BIG money. Our education system is worse today than it was when I was a kid. Children are learning less, expected to do less, and still passing. We’ve taken competition out of everything from school to healthcare to business and we are suffering for it.

If you were like me, screaming “Go get’em Joe!” when Joe Wilson called the president a liar during his last National Address, you are a racist.
President Obama is a known consistent liar. He has lied to the voters who supported him, the middle class, the working, the not working, the gays, the students, Congress, other countries, his own pastor, his church, and he even lied in his autobiography – about his whole life. There is a whole website page full of Obama lies. There is a Stimulus Package bill 1100 pages long of Obama’s lies. There is another Health Care bill 1000 pages long full of his lies.

If you are outraged that every day it seems we have a new position to fill in the White House with the title of Czar, you are a racist. Oh – and if you happen to disagree with the fundamental beliefs of these Czars – you are a racial terrorist. Every president has had “Czars” of sorts. Men and women, usually top in that field, highly respected, and were there to advise, not legislate. They flew under the radar because they understood their position, normally caused by a crisis, and that their place was to sort through information and not make decisions that the president blindly followed.

If you are a 12 year old boy, who happens to be black, and disagrees with the President, your black classmates will call you a racist.
My son is called a racist almost everyday. He laughs it off to their faces. Sometimes it’s an adult and he’ll say something disrespectful that gets him into trouble. Other times, he will retort with something fantastic to say and I just shine at the shock of the adult’s face. You see, I have never restricted my son’s choice of reading material if it is a book in my house. I have never restricted a period or historically based movie, a photograph, a piece of music (other than common day rap which he finds repulsive), or when he is home alone during the summer days, I have not restricted him from watching the news.

He has read many political speeches. He asked to read them, in fact, after he found a book in my bookshelf of “Famous Speeches” two years ago, he has read speeches by MLK, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and many more. My son has his own views based on what he’s read and seen. He understands that being an American means working for what you need and for what you want. He understands – even when he doesn’t know the correct terminology, that expecting a government to take care of you means the government owns you.

You see, I find that very little of Barack Obama’s resistance has to do with race. I do find a lot of resistance is of his own making. He is President of the United States of America, which is based on a Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, all of which he consistently ignores. His agenda is that of a social dictator or communist leader, not one based on freedom or free enterprise. Further, by human nature, people resist big change. Taking away EVERY SINGLE ideal we know to be true and changing it with what we, as a country, have fought against tends to put fear into people, make them resist, and yes, David Axelrod, it does make them stand up and want their voice heard.

I have some questions. When will Barack Obama realize that his race has very little to do with how we feel about him? When will ALL people stand up and realize that Barack Obama does not have faith in human beings to care for themselves, their families or each other, that they are stupid little children who need a government to wipe their tushies? Will Barack Obama’s excuse upon every failure be that people hate him because he’s half black? And if so, if that is his reaction every time he faces adversity, what is he teaching our children?

I say Barack Obama needs a class in personal responsibility. That he needs to admit that maybe, just maybe, he is very wrong about how he is orchestrating policy and the intrusiveness he is willing to level against Americans. He needs to step down and admit he is not qualified to rule over a country where people value their voice and their freedom and find a new place to establish his “utopia”. I think Barack Obama needs a class in accountability in that in 2009, race no longer qualifies as an excuse. Furthermore, if he continues to use it as an excuse for his failures or for adversity against his policies, he is demeaning what men like Martin Luther King stood for and all black people in this country.