My Entitlement

Do you raise your child to be accountable every second of every day for everything they do in their lives?  Are you accountable every second of every day for everything you do in your life?

Think about it – every single decision you make has a consequence or a benefit – everything from what you choose to eat for breakfast to the route you take to work. Your productivity or lack of productivity is a choice as to whether you choose to keep your job. Your choice at being a parent active in your child’s life is your decision as to whether you choose to have a child who cares about his/her self and is a leader or a follower. 

What if you choose to quit?  Quit life. You choose to make no decisions for yourself. You choose to make no decisions for your children or family.  You choose to allow a third party, a disinterested third party, to make every single decision for you and your family.  If you choose to not participate, do they have a responsibility to you or should they be accountable to you? 

We have been assimilated into a belief that people raising their children as single parents in a lower income bracket, those without an education, or those growing up in poverty should be treated differently, looked on with sympathy, or are entitled to other people’s earnings based on a situation.

We have been assimilated into the belief that these people cannot make decisions for their own lives and therefore, a disinterested third party should be created to do so, using your earning, the earnings of the responsible, productive, and accountable, to manage their lives.

This assimilation has taken us from a country of opportunity to a country of entitlement.  We have actually told our children and our citizens that they need not dream, hope, or even attempt to create because we are no longer a country of opportunity or the will, want, and desire to lead a productive life. No longer should we choose the direction of our individuality – but we should be content to just be – useless.

This past year my 12 year old son went to a school for Fine Arts where the basics were taught for 4.5 hours a day and the other 3.5 hours was dedicated to classes in dance, piano, drama, art, orchestra, band, computer graphics, and design. There were children from all over the city who attended this school, in fact, to ensure it was “fair”, part of the enrollment is not based on talent or desire but a lottery based by neighborhood so that it would be a perfect mix of children economically and racially. 

This is a school where dreams should be driving children’s desires, where their wants have an opportunity to be met by their desire to participate.  It is a school where just by choosing to participate you are ensured a place in the classes of your own choice. In fact, the Fine Arts classes become a bribe to get certain children interested in school to just show up.

Now, my son actually chose to leave his friends and neighborhood school to attend the Fine Arts Institute across town. He made the decision at 11 that he would give up getting to wear his own clothes (they require uniforms whereas the public schools do not), wake up a little earlier, and be in school from 8:00am -5:00pm (public school is out at 3:20pm)  for the opportunity to attend this school. He also knew that by attending the Fine Arts Institute, playing sports this year would be more difficult as he has projects and performances that would supersede his choice to attempt to play football and baseball. He gave them up to have one year at this school.

I know why Kensington was chosen by the school because I understand politics and the need for the school to show that children can pass a standardized test and dance too.  He fit their needs: multi-racial, talented in art, desired to learn to play the sax, and he can pass the TAKS test in every subject, but especially math. Furthermore, he had been given awards at the public school for attendance, responsibility, and had great report cards. Kensington’s individual academic achievements and his choice to grow his God-given individual talent landed his opportunity to attend this school.

Out of the sixth grade class of 60 students, after two months of eating lunch with him every Friday, I could see who desired to be there and who were the lottery kids – children allowed to take up space to make an “equal” looking school.  These children were the trouble makers who chose not to do the academic work and had minimal participation in the fine arts classes. They chose to NOT USE AN ENTITLEMENT DISGUISED AS OPPORTUNITY GIVEN THEM. 

That word – that one word is exactly the reason why these children will fail just as their parents have failed. GIVEN.

Who succeeds when the opportunity is not earned?

Who chooses to succeed when they’ve been taught not choosing allows them to exist off another’s success?

Who chooses to work when they know by not choosing they still get to live?

Who chooses to be an active parent, attending every function, giving up time, energy, and even money that buys our own wants, when deep down we know even if we aren’t the kid will still be there?

My Entitlement – I have none other than free will – God’s gift to us – to freely think, to be an individual with a story based on my choices, one who lives by cause and effect. I am entitled to nothing I have not earned. I am entitled to nothing I have not achieved.

There are those who are entitled:

  • Our children are entitled to have parents who care and provide for them and who expect them to have goals and achieve them
  • Our veterans who protect our country, lives, and liberties are entitled to being cared for when they come home injured, sick, or their families when they die in battle
  • Our developmentally disabled are entitled to care as they are put here to teach us humility and fragility

If we want our country to get back to where it belongs, we need to remove entitlements. We need to tell our people that there is no third party established to manage their lives when they choose to quit. We need to show our children that their free will is based on cause and effect that will write the story of their lives. We need to disallow the federal government growth and hinder their abilities when they have not shown they can achieve their Constitutional obligations. We need to disallow state and local governments the entitlement to take what has been individually earned through eminent domain. We need to place individual rights above the wants of masses because if we cannot appreciate the life of one we have no life.

Do you want a United States based on opportunity or entitlement?

  • Opportunity turns a woman from the south with a sixth grade education into a millionaire with desire and choice to work hard.
  • Entitlement keeps the woman from the south as an illiterate housecleaner.
  • Opportunity takes a homeless man from living under a bridge to graduating from college and being a productive member of society with desire and a choice to work hard.
  • Entitlement keeps the man living under the bridge knowing a dream can never be achieved.
  • Opportunity takes a woman left by her husband with two small children, $45, and a jar of peanut butter and makes her a dentist through desire and a choice to work hard.
  • Entitlement creates a welfare mom whose children will be welfare moms and dead beat dads whose grandchildren will be welfare moms and dead beat dads.

Opportunity works.  Those who choose to not participate and take advantage of working hard and creating opportunity choose to not live and we should be brave enough to let them have their choice.