Stopping the "Fairness" Doctrine

Peter Kirsanow had an entry in “The Corner” on NRO about working to stop the “Fairness Doctrine” immediately. I could not agree with him more and I felt the need to mention it on Red State as well. In my opinion this is one of the most damaging pieces of legislation that an Obama Presidency could sign into law. Aside from the obvious violations of the First Amendment, this law could allow any piece of legislation to flow through Congress and the public would be none the wiser. With the GOP being the minority party in both chambers, the real power behind stopping the oncoming socialist agenda is talk radio and the conservative blogs. This is the media that the liberals want to silence because they know the major networks will do their bidding, no questions asked. Talk radio and blogs like Red State were responsible for stopping the 2007 Amnesty Bill. The same energy and effort that was put into stopping that bill needs to be doubled in regards to stopping the “Fairness” Doctrine from becoming law. I have already contacted my two GOP Senators as well as my Representative, who is a somewhat moderate Democrat. I urge you to do the same. If the FD becomes law, there is no stopping the liberal agenda from destroying this country.