Democrats: Place politics above national security

Do you think the current slates of Congressional leaders are out of control?  If you think so, then look no further than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusations that the CIA has been lying to Congress.  The big question is which Democrat is lying, Pelosi or CIA Director Leon Panetta or the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.  Let’s review the history, first most Democrats have been saying for years the Bush Administration lied, and more sharply focused on whether his administration lied about water boarding terrorists.  After the election, the Democrats became emboldened enough to start clamoring about a show trial against certain Bush Administration officials, whom they accused of certain actions relating to terrorists.  Then Nancy Pelosi shot off her mouth, and claimed the CIA had lied to Congress and had never briefed her on the water boarding issue, which brought a rebuttal by Director Panetta who said it was not the policy of his agency to lie to Congress.  In the interim, the CIA Director apparently came before House Subcommittee on CIA oversight to explain further. 

In a letter released Wednesday, several Democrat members of that House Subcommittee apparently saw Director Panetta’s testimony differently than the Republicans on the Committee.  While Republicans did not see Panetta’s testimony as an admission the CIA had in fact lied, and has practiced lying to Congress all the time, as suggested by Pelosi, now the Democrats in this letter claim that he had made that admission.  Republicans are claiming this is all political, and has been conjured up to help Pelosi out of an uncomfortable stance on the situation.

Well, either Pelosi and now the Democrats who wrote the letter is lying, or Director Panetta, also a Democrat is lying about what he said back in June about the CIA not lying to Congress.  There are several issues at work here:  First, the leaking of certain testimony from the CIA Director to the Congressional Intelligence Committee is classified, and should be breached by the members on the Committee, so this letter appears to be a violation of the law; secondly, lying to Congress is a violation of the law, so someone who lied to Congress has violated the law.  As I see it, either Pelosi or Leon Panetta has lied to Congress.  First, Pelosi claims it is the CIA, and then Panetta denies this accusation, and now we are led to believe, in a closed session is supposed to have retracted that position.  At this point, it appears a public statement by Panetta is due to clear up the matter.

While it appears that the CIA’s reputation is on the line, but it appears the several Democrats who wrote the letter reputation’s are also on the line.  In fact, more than reputations, it now becomes a question of who broke the law.  In matters of veracity, Republicans vs. Democrats based on past experience I tend to believe the Republicans.  The simplest answer is, the Republicans are usually acting on facts and usually trying to defend those alleged facts, while Democrats have been known to simply make up facts and figures to try and bolster their side of the issue, which is largely based on emotions and feelings.  For example, when Republicans have tried to make the case that Social Security is going broke, and needs fixing, Democrats counter that Republicans want to eliminate or destroy Social Security, or more recently President Obama making claims that he saved 150,000 jobs, and that his plan would create millions of jobs.  These claims were not made in the abstract about hypothetical events, but like they were real facts and figures, but in reality were just made up and tossed out.  This happens all the time, but no one ever questions their validity.

The way I look at all of this, it goes to show how messed up the leadership in Congress really is.  Someone, either Pelosi, the Democrats that wrote the letter, or the CIA Director Leon Panetta is lying and the case needs to be investigated.  It also shows how willing certain individuals are to place politics above the security of the country.  After all, these are matters of high security, and all the while as they fester, real people in the CIA charged with the responsibility of national security are left demoralized by the leadership.

It’s time to have answers to these questions and get to the bottom of what really happened.  In addition to simply a case of lying and trying to make Speaker Pelosi look better in light of her recent actions, this scenario could result in Congressional Hearings on the Bush Administration’s previous actions.  This would indirectly get the hearings started, an unpopular political stance, but at the same time take pressure off the Democrats for starting such hearings, but would have the affect wanted by many far-left Democrats who want to prosecute members of the Bush Administration.   Personally, I don’t put much faith in those in the present leadership to do anything except argue back and forth, but at some point the truth needs to be told.