Needed! Non Violent Resistance to Recycling Laws

recycle kid

Recycling laws have sprung up in nearly every American state.
Like quantum physics, recycling laws consist of incomprehensible instructions and categories, counter intuitive concepts, and a lot of Alice in Wonderland. The difference is in Wonderland you got your head chopped off for daring to defy the absurd laws, in America you get a hefty fine.
Ever see those 3 scary looking bins?
Worthy of a game show, they challenge the Global Citizen ( formerly American consumer) to throw just the right renewable resources (formerly garbage) into the correct renewable resource bin (formerly trash can.)
Like the utterances of the Sphinx, the hieroglyphic pictures on the bins usually have no relation to what is actually sold at the progressive supermarkets which install them. More fun!
Well, what actually is the problem? Sure, something needs to be done about garbage….
How about population growth control for a start?
Recycling, though commendable in theory -and progressives are superlative on theory, its reality which disturbs them-is a kind of band aid placed on the uncontrolled population immigration growth which is destroying this country. It allows Liberals to say “Look, we are being efficient with the waste Americans produce. So now we can keep bringing more people into the country!”
Recycling also supports the absurdity of American as Global Citizens. Global Suckers is the truth.
So, anyone brave enough to call for non violent resistance to recycling laws?
It would be a Trump like slap in the face to environmental political correctness.
Defiance of the lunacy that by building a bird feeder out of matchbox covers one has balanced out the trash producing madness of the Third World.