I'll sell you New York Values! Cheap!

I  grew up in New York. I wasn’t aware anybody had any values  there. Thanks for the correction, Ted!

I’m still a New Yorker at heart.   Send me a thousand dollars and I will email you a blank page which you can frame.

The thing about New York City is that somebody allows people to live there. If all the people were bused out, to say Guatemala, what would remain would be the  architectural visual equivalent of the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains put together. The bigger buildings even generate and shape their own mountain velocity winds.

You also have the little quirky landscapes, the neighborhoods, the parks, the little hidden corners where those on Public Assistance can light up their joints in peace. You have the Staten island Ferry, the very essence of the Cheap Date.

Yes, its a drag to be a peon and actually have a daily job, but more and more people have gotten around that.

I suppose ordinary New Yorker’s can be though of as irascible mountain folk, too busy surviving to hold onto their sanity.

Despite the vaunted city parks, like Central Park, the city lacks real accesses to real life, A.K.A. the Great Outdoors. This definitely helps shape New York Values for the worse.  Its all about the fancy restaurants and stores.

It does have an efficient 24/7 subway system. Riding alone after midnight is like a haunted house movie; who knows what the opening doors will reveal.  Will last weeks now rotting murder victim slide open the door between cars and drape itself across the three seats next to you before favoring you with a scowl? Old habits literally die hard!

Actually, Ted is right. From the richest financiers to the yuppie liberal intelligentsia to the  toughs on the street, New York values suck.  Its the brick and metal and stone that has it right.