Trump is the Plumber You Need

Two things.
One, I’m new to RedState. Drawn here out of horrified reaction after realizing what a garbage sheet the Huffington Post actually is.
(Though, to be sure, it does manage to sneak in more pin ups than Red State ever does.)
Two, I’m a man -well, I’m a jellyfish, really, but I’ve learned to hit the keyboard with my tentacles – of very few principles.
High moral concepts don’t actually seem good for much except causing trouble.
For instance, they would cause some readers of this website to push for Ted Cruz over Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.
It seems the Donald is rather accurately perceived as a liberal on many domestic social issues.
Many rather accurately perceive him also as a loose cannon whose blunt remarks may one day soon cause the collapse of his campaign, the vaunted collapse both sides have been predicting for months.
The admirable Mr Cruz can be easily portrayed by Hillary and the liberal media as a new Goldwater level candidate.
Trump is different.
Trump has not only defied the Media Monster he has turned it to do his bidding.
Heck, isn’t that like a sign from the Bible or something?
There was a Civil War battle where the Union Army was tasked with taking a hill held by the Confederates. It was an impossible task; the Northerners would be slaughtered by gunfire as they struggled with the near technical climbing hill.
Nobody moved. Then a Union soldier stood up, drained his whiskey flask, shouted “Here’s How!” and stated moving.
Instantly the entire army was on its feet and swept the Confederates away in a blitzkrieg fearless rush.
Trump is that soldier. He is that moment in time, that moment in American history.
He has stood up and shouted “No more of this garbage! Charge!” at the right time.
Bernie Sanders is doing this in his own way, but he is the wrong man at the right time.
Blowhard, clown, showman, whatever Trump may also be…
Conservatives, wake up. He may not be the man you want, but he is the man you need.